Bee Brilliant 1.98.5 MOD Lots of Money APK
Bee Brilliant MOD APK 1.98.5

Bee Brilliant 1.98.5 MOD Lots of Money APK

Written by Hai Nam (15 hours ago)
Name Bee Brilliant
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher Tactile Games
Size 109MB
Latest Version 1.98.5
MOD Unlimited money, lives/Unlocked VIP
Category Puzzle
Price FREE

Bee Brilliant is a puzzle adventure game. The content revolves around colorful bees. Your task is to create a chain of bees of the same type to solve the puzzle. From there perform different tasks at each level. Here is set in a living world. With so many different species of bees for you to discover. Through the system of diverse tasks shown through each level of play. With more and more difficult challenges. But that will give you fun and addictive gameplay. Not stopping there, the game also combines 3D graphics to reproduce sharp image quality. As well as the effects during the puzzle are beautifully simulated. Promises to open up extremely attractive puzzle missions.

Bee Brilliant – Explore the World of Brilliant Bees in a Puzzle Game!

Here the publisher has used sharp 3D graphics. Simulate a beautiful world of bees. With the design of sharp and vivid image quality. Combined with the puzzle effect shown during the performance of the mission. After creating a chain of links between bees of the same type. Lights appear and disappear, and receive the corresponding number of points for each bee. To increase the experience when participating in the game. Parallel to the graphics is the sound system with fun music melodies. Shown after each puzzle. Along with a combination of gentle background music played throughout the duration of the event. This will give you a feeling of enjoyment and not boredom.Bee Brilliant

More than 2000 levels to play

Follow the game’s story to explore the world of brilliant bees. The mission system will be held in each level. With over 2000 different levels to challenge your skills. Follow the tap-and-drag puzzle gameplay to link bees of the same species. From there create combos with unique combinations to perform tasks. At each level of participation, the system will give specific conditions. Along with that, the number of puzzles will be limited. You need to complete the challenge before you run out of turns. Only then can you complete quests to receive rewards.

In each puzzle level, there are many colorful bees. Includes red, yellow, green, and purple bees. They are shaped in a cartoon style and have large eyes. The difference is also reflected in the size and shape of the body. Following the puzzle gameplay that unfolds in hexagons, each bee will be in a shape.Game Bee Brilliant

Diverse quest system

From puzzle levels in Bee Brilliant to explore the world of brilliant bees. There will be many different tasks to perform. For example, break the cheeky spider web, collect the honey pot, and get the required achievement points. These are some of the quests mentioned, with much more to be discovered when participating. Each mission will have specific conditions and must be adhered to. But the content still revolves around puzzle activity by creating connections between bees. At the same time, when reaching a certain level, the system will unlock new tasks. From there bring new challenges to test your skills.

After completing the mission to go to the next level. The difficulty will increase with more changes in the puzzle process. Not only does the task change, but there are also other requirements that must be followed. But the appearance of bees of the same type will be separated. Makes it hard to create combos to solve puzzles.Tai Bee Brilliant

Achievements are expressed through the number of stars

Achievement at each level of play will be shown through scores. From there, evaluate the number of stars, up to 3 stars. Through the association from bees of the same species to create combos. Score will not stop increasing after each puzzle turn. Repeat this until the end of the mission. Based on the accumulated points, the corresponding number of stars will be achieved. With higher levels, the number of points to gain stars also increases. If you want to achieve excellent results, you need to create combos. Or use support from special items.Introduce about Bee Brilliant

The game Bee Brilliant provides a number of support items for you to use in the puzzle process. Each type of power will bring a special ability of its own. When it is difficult or difficult to find the option to link. As well as the number of turns is about to end but still can’t complete the mission. At this point, using a support item will help you find a solution. Because they will create combos to link up with a large number of bees. But it should be noted, each item has a limited quantity. Should only be used when absolutely necessary.

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