Beat Trigger 1.2.20 MOD Unlimited Diamonds, Coins APK
Beat Trigger MOD APK 1.2.20

Beat Trigger 1.2.20 MOD Unlimited Diamonds, Coins APK

Written by Hai Nam (6 hours ago)
Name Beat Trigger
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher Adaric Music
Download 13
Size 44MB
Latest Version 1.2.20
MOD Unlimited Diamonds, Coins
Category Mucsic
Price FREE

Beat Trigger is a shooting-style music game. Role-play as a cat character to enjoy lively music. With a combination of musical melodies during play. Promises to bring exciting entertainment moments. Here the game uses a third-person perspective to help you immerse yourself in the music. The mission is to dodge the obstacles on the way to go further. From there, you will enjoy the exciting feeling of being able to manually play your favorite music. As the content goes, you can play for free in offline mode. Take on music challenges alone to perfect the song. But if want to explore all the features. For example, sharing achievements with friends or other players, need to be connected to the network to play online.

Beat Trigger – Accompany Characters in Musical Adventures!

Owning a huge music store with a lot of different songs. Especially all performed by famous singers. From there, you have the opportunity to enjoy famous musicians from all over the world. For example, Alone, Alan Walker of singer Marshmello. Or the song Monoday by singer The Fat Rat. Or Blank by Disfigure, Sky High by singer Elektronomia. There is much more to be discovered when participating in the game. However, in addition to some original music provided by the system for free. The rest must use gold coins to buy. Or through watching promotional videos to be unlocked. Accordingly, the game’s music collection is divided into many different genres. You can even add your favorite songs.Game Beat Trigger

Game mechanics

The process of enjoying the game’s shooting style music. Follow the cat character’s touch to change direction. Aim to dodge the obstacles ahead to continue the musical adventure. Accordingly, you only need one finger to swipe left or right. Along with that is the automatic attack system of the equipped weapon. The gun that the cat character holds will fire automatically when it detects the squares. Those are the musical melodies created after firing. In general, the control mechanism of the game is very simple. The operation is similar to the music-themed games. Helps you to focus on playing, instead of having difficulty controlling. But perfecting a song will not be easy at all.Beat Trigger

The process takes place

After selecting a song in the game Beat Trigger. Start the musical adventure in a 3D space. The long road is full of obstacles like thorny cubes. Along with the yellow cubes appear parallel to the obstacles. The cat character will automatically run forward and use the gun to fire when it detects a golden square. Your task is to run all the way to perfect the track. From there will receive rewards based on achievements. You can keep coming up with new music to enjoy the tunes made yourself.Ear Beat Trigger

Achievement is based on many factors

Achievements at each musical adventure are shown by the number of stars. Accordingly, the number of stars will be based on the number of points achieved during the run. Shown through the movement of the cat character when shooting at the squares. But that’s only part of it, because when it comes to a certain stage of the song. At this time, it will move to a new space at a faster pace. Previously, the cat character would jump, and be stopped by an enemy. You need to aim accurately to shoot, then shoot down to get a star. Take turns like this at each stage and run through the music track. From there will complete the song with the maximum number of stars.

There are 3 hearts

In each musical race that takes place, you will have a maximum of 3 hearts. After each collision, hit an obstacle or miss the enemy when switching stages. When it will lose one heart, after losing 3 hearts will make the adventure ends midway. Then it will not be possible to perfect a piece of music to achieve excellent results. Or the number of stars will decrease if you lose your life in the race. Accordingly, you can observe the network number displayed on the screen, represented by the heart icon.Beat Trigger

At Beat Trigger there are many different types of guns for you to use. In addition to the default gun provided by the system at the start. The rest must be unlocked to be able to own. Through the money earned to accumulate from musical adventures. You can use it to buy new guns. The difference between them is not only reflected in the style. It is also shown through the firepower and the effect of shooting on the square.

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