Beat the Boss 4 1.7.7 MOD Lots of Money APK
Beat the Boss 4 MOD APK 1.7.7

Beat the Boss 4 1.7.7 MOD Lots of Money APK

By Hai Nam April 6, 2024 (1 week ago)
Name Beat the Boss 4
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Game Hive Corporation
Size 147MB
Latest Version 1.7.7
MOD Unlimited Money
Category Action
Price FREE

Are you stressed with your boss at the office and want to relieve the frustration? Beat the Boss 4 is the place for you on phone. It was born with the sole purpose, which is to help you relieve stress by tormenting others. It gives you a boss and other necessary tools. Your job is to choose any item to freely torture the boss in your own way. You can also unlock more boss avatars, new locations, and more advanced tools. As a result, you can freely experience the feeling of action in many new environments. You can even collect gold coins and gems after the already hilarious brawls.

Download Beat the Boss 4 MOD APK – A fun action game to relax

What could be better than being able to torture bullies without getting a reaction back? You will do that when you play Beat the Boss 4. This game is built with an extremely realistic and close story and context. It’s about problems in the workplace, where you’re constantly under pressure from work and bad managers. So, have you ever thought of reacting to them? This game allows you to comfortably do that with the range of tools and equipment available. You will bring your boss into a small area and freely torment him. It may seem a bit violent, but it will help you relax and release any stress effectively.


Defeat your boss in many ways

The gameplay of the game is quite simple and easy to understand. Your job is to torture your boss to satisfy the office rage. You will do that by choosing any tool available, then freely swiping on the screen to drag, hit, shoot, smash… on the target. The game gives you hundreds of weapons from basic to heavy to choose from. You can also go through over 30 levels of highly addictive action in a variety of environments. But beware, your boss can return infinite times. He seems to be very tough despite being tortured in many ways. This makes you even more excited to continue the most intense attacks. Just like that, the stress in you gradually disappears through the game screen.

Over time, you can unlock new bosses with many unique skins. They are available at the store but you need to pay to buy them. With a new look, they will give you a new feeling in the next levels. If you don’t like the characters with the available skins, you can even customize them yourself. The game gives you a great range of accessories to create the boss image of your imagination. Let’s start by choosing the body, hairstyle, eye style, nose style, and lips, and then decorate the character with accessories including pants, shirts, glasses, shoes, and hats. It’s great to be able to design your own fashion, isn’t it?


Unlock new weapons and maps

To torment the boss, you cannot ignore the powerful weapons in Beat the Boss 4. It includes more than 190 different weapons, such as pens, rulers, fruits, fly swatters, knives, swords, chainsaws, rotary machines, shotguns, drills, hammers, drums, robots, and even vehicles. tanks, bombs, grenades, and more. Each weapon can be used in different ways, giving you a feeling of free and refreshing action. You can slash the boss with the samurai sword, unleash the crazy power of the cannon, throw grenades at the target, crush the boss under the wheel of a tank or control the robot to harass the boss.

Besides, the game also offers more than 10 different themed maps to unlock. It can be an office, on the street, in a prehistoric forest, a tunnel, a volcano… The new backgrounds also give you a new feeling. But to unlock maps and weapons, you need to spend gold and diamonds. They can drop during boss torture. The more violent the action, the more loot is obtained. You can also use them to upgrade the power of your weapons and unlock more environments.


Funny design, lively sound

Despite the violent action gameplay, this game still offers fun thanks to its design style. All images are in humorous cartoon style, bringing friendliness and closeness. Action sequences are reduced to violence because there are no gore effects or overly realistic screams. But they still create the necessary excitement with the flexible movements, humorous expressions of the boss, and vivid engine sounds from the tools, machines, and vehicles used.

In general, Beat the Boss 4 is a game just for relaxation and should not be applied to reality. It helps you relieve stress in the office through a humorous action mechanism. You can freely beat and torture the bosses in your own way with a variety of unique weapons. Take the time to customize your boss and upgrade your weapons before entering the level.

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