Beat Roller 1.39 MOD Lots of Money APK
Beat Roller MOD APK 1.39

Beat Roller 1.39 MOD Lots of Money APK

Written by Hai Nam (3 days ago)
Name Beat Roller
Requires Android 5.0
Latest Version1.39
MOD Unlimited Money
Price FREE

Beat Roller gives you amazing levels of music to relax all the time on your phone. It includes dozens of hit songs that can be played with simple mechanics. You just swipe on the screen to control the ball and overcome all obstacles on the way. The faster the music, the higher the speed and the lower the chances of winning. But are you an expert? Can you easily conquer every level with up to 3 stars? Experience this game now to answer the above questions. The music and a variety of effects on the track will keep you hooked for a long time. More songs can be unlocked during your journey. Moreover, many unique skins are also available for you to feel the difference on the rhythm track.

Beat Roller – Simple and addictive rhythm gameplay!

The music game genre is no stranger to us, but Beat Roller is always the best choice to enjoy music. It has attracted millions of gamers globally thanks to the attractive gameplay mechanics. Everything is very simple but in tune, your every touch on the screen harmonizes with the music to create a strange sense of refreshment. Moreover, with a rich music store, you can easily find and play your favorite music. You can also compete and compete with friends on the leaderboard. Is that what you’re looking for? The game is available to download to your phone now.


Conquer all music paths

The game offers many songs for you to choose from. After choosing your favorite song, you can immediately start a journey to conquer the music in the most unique way. Your task is to control a ball running through the circles on the way. If you touch the wall or spikes, you will stop and have to play again from the starting line. On the contrary, if you can complete the song, you will receive up to 3 stars and a well-deserved bonus. And you can score a new record on the leaderboard to compete with your friends. Moreover, you will get points to accumulate, thereby having the opportunity to unlock new songs.

But the challenges will not be as easy as you think. The speed of the running track will get faster and faster and the music will be more and more pounding on your every swipe. You have to show your agility to cross the obstacles without any collision. Moreover, practice your musical sensibility because the movement of the ball is in harmony with the music of each song. Every time you go through the circles, you will hear ear-catching bash sounds. The song’s melody is thus changed, becoming a vibrant and inspirational remix song. The greater the difficulty, the higher the sense of satisfaction. That’s the addictive thing about this game.


Unlock unique songs and skins

Beat Roller owns a diverse and regularly updated song collection. You can find here a variety of hot song titles on social networks and music charts. Each song has its own melody, bringing a new feeling. Furthermore, there are multiple levels to choose from to suit your level in each song. So you don’t need to force your fingers to play as fast as you can. You can choose the normal level to enjoy the music and gradually improve your skills. Over time, you can unlock many new songs. You can also put any song in favorites for a quick search in the following plays.

Besides, don’t miss the unique skins for your ball. With the bonuses you accumulate through songs, you can use them to unlock skins in the shop. You will find dozens of balls in beautiful colors to renew the experience on the track. Each ball will create a unique effect, making your run sparkle with magical light. It also makes every swipe on the screen more exhilarating.


Exciting music, eye-catching effects

The music quality is done quite well in this game, so it gives a refreshing and natural feeling of playing music. Besides, the music scene is very poetic and magical. You will cross paths of light in a night sky scene with stars, planets, buildings, and more. Each of your touches is accompanied by a bash sound and effect. All create an unforgettable rhythm experience on the phone.

Overall, Beat Roller is a highly addictive game. You can enjoy your favorite songs at your fingertips with skillful swipes on the screen. Dozens of songs with vibrant tunes will stimulate your spirit during playtime. Moreover, the fantastic scenery of the running track will lead you into a world of endless colors, music, and relaxation.

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