BattleBox 2.6.01 MOD Lots of Money APK
BattleBox MOD APK 2.6.01

BattleBox 2.6.01 MOD Lots of Money APK

Written by Hai Nam (16 hours ago)
Name BattleBox
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher ChaloApps
Size 113MB
Latest Version 2.6.01
MOD Unlimited money
Category Action
Price FREE

BattleBox is a 3D shooting game that is both funny and dramatic. It gives gamers great battles in many modes, both alone and in combination with friends. Get ready to go to war and enjoy the fast-paced shooting moments. You’ll need to master your aim and shoot if you want to take control of any battlefield. There are dozens of weapons and vehicles to test. Moreover, there is no shortage of unique map forms from deserts to dungeons to explore and adventure. See how well your warrior can do under your control. Pick up your gun and shoot, record achievements, and make all opponents admire your marksmanship. There is no upgrade factor here, victory or defeat is up to the skill of the player.

BattleBox – Real-time shooting gameplay with 3D graphics!

A fast-paced shooter like BattleBox will keep you hooked for hours. It is not inferior to other popular names in the game market, even with more impressive points. This game will delight you with its fun-style 3D design with smooth movements and vivid effects. Thanks to that, it brings the shooting wars that can’t be better on mobile. Moreover, with the simple control mechanism, you don’t need to spend a few minutes to reach it. Simply select the mode, start the battle alone or wait to connect with friends, then enter the battlefield and hunt for “kill”. Do not hesitate to show your bravery and agility to win as quickly as possible. Ranking on the leaderboard is your goal and every other player’s goal.


Multiple modes to explore

Currently, the game has 3 main modes for all gamers. These are the most typical modes in most shooter titles. Specifically, in the sandbox mode, you can design the fight yourself, including customizing the map, enemies, speed, goals, and more. It can be said that this is an interesting battlefield where everything can be customized. But it still holds the necessary appeal when the challenge for you is random. So, even if you are the designer of the war, it is unlikely that you can control it at your fingertips. Meanwhile, the Deathmatch mode is where you will compete with others to become the one with the most “kills”. In Team battle mode, you can team up with friends to participate in multiplayer team wars.

Either way, your goal is to win. To achieve the goal, you need to grasp the basic foundations, which are combat operations. Specifically, you will move the character with the joystick and control him to attack by clicking on icons such as shooting, and grenades. Besides, if you have a lot of weapons, just click on the gun right when the battle is happening. You can also collect boosters to jump high. Grenades will be used in an emergency situation when you have multiple targets to kill in an area. But above all, tactics are the most important factor. Attack or defend, use guns or grenades and many other decisions will be up to you.


A collection of weapons and vehicles

BattleBox gives you a lot of cool things to explore. To fight, of course, you cannot lack weapons. There are quite a few different types of guns from rifles, and machine guns to sniper rifles, and more. Each type of gun has different characteristics in terms of rate of fire, damage, and ammo capacity… Your task is to learn well about each weapon to find ways to effectively exploit their power. Even in the most urgent situations, you will need to change weapons to regain the advantage on the battlefield.

Besides, we also have to mention a system of other unique items. You can find first aid boxes, armor, ammo, tanks, boosters, and more. They can help you in many situations. You can drive armored vehicles to sweep through crowds of enemies, use first aid boxes to heal, and mount rockets to fly high… Over time, the game also gives you access to many new maps. It can be a desert with great pyramids or ancient palaces with many bunkers.


Funny pictures, eye-catching effects

Unlike other shooting games of the same type, this game offers fun 3D designs. The warrior image and his humorous movements can entertain you. The game scene is diverse and vast, including many famous details and beautiful landscapes. In particular, we must mention the effects of the game. Your battles for survival will be filled with vivid effects and sounds from shooting guns, exploding bombs, tank engine sounds, and more.


Do not hesitate to explore BattleBox and learn to master every battlefield. You can design the battlefield yourself in sandbox mode or join your friends in team mode. The battles in any mode are always attractive and epic. They will challenge every gamer’s shooting skills and survival strategy.

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