Battle Stars Royale 1.0.3 MOD Lots of Ammo APK
Battle Stars Royale MOD APK 1.0.3

Battle Stars Royale 1.0.3 MOD Lots of Ammo APK

Written by Hai Nam (18 hours ago)
Name Battle Stars Royale
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Playgendary
Size 74MB
Latest Version 1.0.3
MOD Unlimited Ammo
Category Role Playing
Price FREE

Fight in battle royale gameplay in Battle Stars Royale. You will enjoy fascinating events in the battle. Through the role-playing of a hero to fight. Compete with other players against the backdrop of a city. The game is a combination of action shooting and survival elements. Has attracted a large number of participants. Thanks to the unique gameplay and features offered by the system. Dramatic style entertainment during the experiential time. Enjoy vivid 3D graphics, with sharp picture quality. Specially designed in cartoon style. Make a difference from games with similar themes. Moreover, there is not just a single character. Lots of different heroes for you to role-play.

Introduce about Battle Stars Royale – Battle For Survival In The Big City!

Based on the battle royale survival gameplay of Battle Stars Royale game. Each battle has the participation of up to 50 players. They are all online players, through the connection of the system to appear on the battlefield. Set in a huge city. You as well as other players can move freely. Perform various operations to deploy the attack strategy. Aim to destroy opponents in your own style. The common goal of every player is to win. To get there, it’s necessary to be the last one left standing. The rewards received after the end of the battle are varied. Those are the loot such as bonuses, and experience points. At the same time, there is a chance to unlock new characters.Battle Stars Royale

Collect equipment at locations

Similar to other battle battles. Before starting the battle in the vast city of Battle Stars Royale. Every player will be released from the sky. Then will use the parachute to select the drop point. As soon as it lands safely, the battle will officially begin. However, there weren’t any equipment or items that had been carried before. Will have to search at many different locations in the city. Can move to rooms, bushes,… From there will find chests. When opened will collect weapons such as guns and support items. Use them to make combat tools. Resist the onslaught of opponents to protect yourself. As well as actively attack to destroy the enemy. Stay alive until the battle is over.Game Battle Stars Royale

Fighting alone, the range is narrow

During the war of the Battle Stars Royale. No allies or alliances have been formed. Every player will have to fight alone. Fierce competition with dangerous opponents. In particular, there are some notes you need to know. The match only ends until there is only one player left on the battlefield. Over time, the scope of activities will be gradually narrowed. A circle of fire appeared with a wide radius. If you touch it, you will be burned by flames. The blood volume is significantly reduced. It will even quickly lose your life if you try to go through the circle of fire. This brings the surviving opponents closer together. That means wars will take place continuously. Make the tempo be pushed up faster.Tai Battle Stars Royale

Various guns and support items

Play as a hero to fight in the multiplayer competition of Battle Stars Royale. Can use a lot of different weapons to attack. Typical like laser guns, rifles, sniper rifles, machine guns,… and many more. Through unlocking chests at locations in the city. Will be collected to use a variety of unique guns. Their ability is expressed through the range of fire. As well as the amount of damage done when hitting an opponent. Besides, you can also use many support items. Using the first aid kit when needed to heal will increase the odds of survival. Or a ticking time bomb that can create an explosion in a wide range. Causes enemies hit to lose a large amount of health.Introduce about Battle Stars Royale

Coming to Battle Stars Royale, you will be able to role-play many different characters. For example Ray, Deadpool, Mello, Coco, Ninja, Lol Vein,… Each character is designed with a unique appearance, in a cartoon style. Shown through very impressive costumes. However, their strength is not reflected in their own stats. You can only enhance the character’s ability with equipment. Use the bonuses accumulated in the battles. Then upgrade equipment to increase parameters. Improved attack and defense. Can survive on an extremely harsh and intense battlefield.

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