Battle Prime 11.0 MOD Menu VIP, Lots of Money, Wide View, Wall Hack, Bypass APK
Battle Prime MOD APK 11.0

Battle Prime 11.0 MOD Menu VIP, Lots of Money, Wide View, Wall Hack, Bypass APK

By Hai Nam April 6, 2024 (1 week ago)
Name Battle Prime
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Press Fire Games Limited
Size 94MB
Latest Version 11.0
MOD Menu, Wide View, Wall Hack, Bypass
Category Action
Price FREE

Through the action shooter title in Battle Prime. From a 3rd personal perspective, exciting matches will be opened. Combining online gameplay, with the participation of gunmen from around the world. This is a simulator that uses 3D graphics. Recreate the realistic environment, with fierce competition. Promising to bring the most attractive wars for every player. The game has built many unique features, revolving around the theme of shooting. The map is designed in an open style, with free-fighting gameplay. Attractive rewards after winning. There are many types of weapons to choose from and use in battles. Along with that is an intuitive control system. Simulated and arranged in suitable positions. Can be easily used to perform actions.

Download Battle Prime MOD APK – Real-Time Multiplayer Online Shooter

Battle Prime belongs to the online shooting genre. Instead of fighting enemies controlled by AI. You will become teammates with friends or other players. Together they form a team to fight a common enemy. Those are the gunmen on the opposing side. The battle is played out in real-time. With fierce competition on the battlefield. Use equipped weapons to attack enemy forces. Shoot them down to increase achievement points on the counting board. After the battle is over, based on the achievements between the two factions. The team with the higher score wins. At the same time, members of that team will receive bonuses. Continue to participate in new battles. Get a chance to meet and compete with more experienced shooters.Battle Prime

Strategic coordination, individual skills

Over time, battles in Battle Prime take place. Combines open gameplay used on the vast battlefield. You and other shooters can move freely. Perform offensive operations according to your own strategy. Collaborate with teammates to deploy tactics. Support defense and proactively attack when needed. During the battle, if you lose your life, unfortunately, you will be revived. From there, you can continue the mission with your teammates. To win, individual skill plays a very important role. Use the gun to shoot accurately, causing the enemy to be destroyed. At the same time, improve the ability to observe and react quickly. Detect enemy positions in a wide range for appropriate handling. Take advantage of the surrounding terrain to hide in danger.Tai Battle Prime

Can play 6 agents

Come to Battle Prime to role-play as a leader. With 6 different characters provided by the system. Includes Shock, Vityaz, Vision, Blast, Quarterback, and Poison. They are all professional agents, possessing different guns. At the same time, it is designed with an impressive appearance in its own style. However, it is not possible to choose to play the role of a favorite agent. In addition, Agent Shock is unlocked by the system as soon as you join the game. The remaining agents need to complete different tasks and schedules. When reaching a certain stage will be unlocked in turn. The difference between each character is not only in appearance. It is also shown through the types of equipment. Includes two weapons to use in competitive battles. And a helmet and defensive armor.Download Battle Prime

Various types of guns

Own a huge arsenal of weapons in Battle Prime. With lots of different guns to choose from. They are divided into categories such as pistols, rifles, long guns, sniper rifles, and machine guns. Each type has a lot of different guns. Can name a few guns such as MK16, SG500, SGM-10, MG249, SG870,… and many more. Each gun is designed based on reality. The difference between them is also expressed through the parameters. The system provides detailed information. Including damage, effective attack range, damage reduction distance, and fire rate. The number of ammo in the tape, the difference and the reload time. Through that to be able to choose the gun that suits your playstyle.Game Battle Prime

MOD APK Feature of Battle Prime

  • MOD Menu
  • Lots of Money

Play as an agent to join the online competitive war in Battle Prime. You can perform many different actions. The control system is simulated intuitively. The simple interface will be easy to use for combat. In the left corner of the screen, the virtual navigation key is displayed. Tap, hold, and swipe in directions to move your character on the battlefield. Likewise, the right side of the screen consists of icons. Can be used to jump up, and sit down as needed. Use the scope to zoom in, and observe the enemy from afar to fire. Reload a new magazine when you run out of ammo in the magazine. Parallel to that is the bullet icon displayed on both sides. As soon as you touch it, you will control the character to fire to attack.

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