Battle Flare 3.3 MOD Lots of Money, DUMB ENEMY, Remove Ads APK
Battle Flare MOD APK 3.3

Battle Flare 3.3 MOD Lots of Money, DUMB ENEMY, Remove Ads APK

By Hai Nam April 7, 2024 (2 weeks ago)
Name Battle Flare
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Lotus Games Studios
Size 55MB
Latest Version 3.3
MOD Unlimited Money, DUMB ENEMY, NO ADS
Category Role Playing
Price FREE

Get ready to participate in the battles in the game Battle Flare. Follow the 1vs1 action gameplay that takes place between the hero and the enemy. Rely on fast-paced attack mechanics to take on level-based missions. You will become a hero to fight hundreds of different enemies. Show your strength with flexible attack maneuvers. Aim to defeat the opponent in the match and win to get the loot. The goal is to increase the ability to fight enemies with superior strength. Defeat the boss in several battles to prove your skills. This is a game in the action category of the developer Lotus Games Studios. Unlocks many interesting features for you to discover when participating.

Download Battle Flare MOD APK – Fight with Heroes with 1vs1 Action Mechanics

Heroes in the game possess outstanding combat abilities. In the course of the war, different skills can be used. At the same time, it can be flexibly combined to create attacks that cause damage to enemies. For example, jump up, use a sword slash down, swing the sword up, and physically attack. Use defensive shields to limit the amount of health lost from enemy attacks. Besides can move left and right in the arena. Based on the skills mentioned above, it is possible to create unique attack combos. Help the hero compete with the enemy during combat. Accordingly, each skill will be reproduced as its own unique icon.Battle Flare MOD

Quests by level

Follow the game’s story to go on a combat mission at Battle Flare. Adventure with the hero through the levels with dramatic battles. Follow the 1vs1 action mechanism to compete with each opponent in each match. Use equipped weapons and combine with skills to attack. Defeat your opponents in the arena by dealing damage to drain your health. From there win to complete the mission at a war. At the same time get attractive rewards and keep coming to new levels. The difficulty also increases from there with many changing factors. Making it difficult for the hero to win, even at the cost of his life.Battle Flare MOD

Fight various enemies

Experiencing the battles in the game. The hero will have to fight a lot of different enemies. Through each match when coming to the next level will have to face another enemy. For example ninjas, warriors, monsters, and even bosses. Enemies are shaped in the style of Lego and have their own unique appearance. Shown through the equipment used. At the same time, they possess outstanding strength as judged by the amount of health, defense, attack, and flexibility. Moreover, the boss is huge in size. At the same time possessing a much larger blood volume and superior combat ability. For example, legendary dragons are created scary.Tai Battle Flare MOD

Achievements and rewards

Achievements in each battle will be shown by the number of stars. Accordingly, the number of stars will correspond to the remaining health of the hero after the end. The amount of health and the number of stars displayed can be observed. Through the process of fighting, if it is possible to win to finish the mission excellent. From there will reach a maximum of 3 stars and receive more rewards with a larger number. Includes experience points, gold coins, and gems. Each reward will bring its own benefit. For example, the experience points accumulated until qualified will increase to a new level. Or gold coins and gems will be used in trading and upgrading activities.

Equip many items

Overcome challenges from enemies in levels. You can customize the hero’s appearance, as well as enhance the hero’s fighting ability. Through different equipment with many choices. Includes weapons, defense shields, armor, hats, wings, and hairstyles. Each piece of equipment has many types for you to explore and use. At the same time, it is also possible to upgrade to enhance the stats of each piece of equipment. Thereby improving the hero’s strength through the overall stats. Includes HP, Attack, Defense, and Critical Rate.Download Battle Flare MOD

In addition to equipment to use for heroes to increase strength. Battle Flare also has many different types of crystals for you to use. They are represented by the elements of fire, ice, poison, and light. Each element will bring a unique ability after being upgraded. For example, the elemental fire will increase the damage percentage from normal physical attacks. Ice elemental can freeze enemies for 2 seconds after basic attacks. Potions will deal percentage damage for 3 seconds. Or the element of light will help the hero recover health in proportion to the amount of damage dealt to the enemy.

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