Battle Disc 1.7.27 MOD Menu VIP, God Mode APK
Battle Disc MOD APK 1.7.27

Battle Disc 1.7.27 MOD Menu VIP, God Mode APK

Written by Hai Nam (4 hours ago)
Name Battle Disc
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher SayGames Ltd
Size 53MB
Latest Version 1.7.27
MOD Menu, God Mode
Category Casual
Price FREE

Have you heard of discus throwing? If not, try now Battle Disc to enjoy its appeal. This game is a frisbee simulator. But its gameplay is completely new and addictive, promising to keep you hooked for a long time. It has hundreds of different levels with increasing difficulty over time. Your task in each level is to throw your disc and break all the blocks of your opponent. This game requires agility and precision in each operation. Are you good at this? Don’t miss the game because it’s completely free to download here. Show your agility to conquer all opponents.

Introduce about Battle Disc – Simple and addictive action gameplay!

This game has attracted millions of players around the world. That’s thanks to the appeal of the gameplay, images, and music. It owns super simple gameplay and a very friendly image. What you see in the game are colorful stickman guys, that’s all. But it is this simplicity that makes the game suitable for many gamers. Moreover, with the idle gameplay mechanics, you can play it with just one finger. Just touch the screen and swipe to throw the disc. But what you need is agility and smart calculation if you want to conquer every level. Easy but hard, that’s the gameplay of this game.


Throw discs and eliminate all opponents

The addictiveness of the game is expressed through hundreds of levels. In each level, your task is to defeat the opponent (stickman of different colors APK and win to receive rewards. To do this, you need to destroy all enemy defenses by throwing discs. Touch your stickman and steer him in any direction you want, then release your hand to throw the disc. The disc will fly towards your opponent and break their colored blocks if you have a perfect throw. If your opponent catches the plate, he will throw it back the same way you did. You need to find a way to prevent that by moving wisely and picking up the plate again.

To play this game well, you need to ensure many factors. First, make sure you throw in the right direction. A perfect throw is when you can throw the disc right at your opponent’s block to destroy it. At the same time, you need to dodge your opponent so that he can’t catch the disc and throw it back. Second, you must throw with enough force to be as destructive as possible. After a few successful throws, you will receive a hammer. Take advantage of this hammer with good throwing power to defeat every opponent in its path. Agility, strength, and accuracy are two important skills that you need to conquer this game.


Unlock new unique items

Despite being a simple game, Battle Disc still has a fairly rich content store. Accordingly, you will find in the game store three categories, including discs, clothing, and skins. You can unlock new discs like a drone, pentagram, clock, wheel, lantern, and more. Especially, don’t forget to unlock new clothes for your stickman to make him look cooler. And finally, choose skins with different colors to make the character new. To unlock these, you need to use the bonus. So, make an effort to conquer every level to have money to unlock your favorite items.

New map system

Besides the unique item list, the game offers a lot of maps and they change flexibly through the levels. It could be a space of simple colors, blue-eyed seas, tropical beaches, jungles, deserts, snowy lands, and more. The new scene offers a fresh look to inspire you for a long time. Furthermore, each map is themed with soothing colors and friendly images. Those are the beautiful natural scenery that can make you fall in love.


Funny pictures, soothing music

Everything in the game is simple, especially in terms of graphics. The game’s characters are just rudimentary color stickmen. Although the game scene changes flexibly, it is also quite simple. But these things come together to create a colorful experiential scene. The image is simple, so it is friendly to many players. Plus, your experience here will be immersed in the soft and melodious background music. The effects of destruction, throwing discs, moving… are also very vivid.

Don’t miss the Battle Disc to compete for achievements with over 10 million players globally. This game will help you train your agility and observation when playing exciting discus throwing levels. Show you’re a good discus thrower with your achievements. How many levels will you pass here? Throw well to not give your opponent a chance to catch the disc. With the victory, you can unlock dozens of unique items.

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