Base Attack 1.22.1 MOD Lots of Money APK
Base Attack MOD APK 1.22.1

Base Attack 1.22.1 MOD Lots of Money APK

Written by Hai Nam (18 hours ago)
Name Base Attack
Requires Android 8.0+
Publisher Lion Studios
Size 213MB
Latest Version 1.22.1
MOD Unlimited Money
Category Casual
Price FREE

The action shooting game genre is gradually gaining popularity on the Mobile platform. Attracting many players interested in this topic. Base Attack is one of them that is being loved by many gamers. The gameplay is simple, with just a few taps on the screen, you can get used to it easily. Many interesting and exciting missions for you to perform. Along with that are extremely valuable gifts, awarded to the best players. Although the graphics are operated on 3D panels, they have been optimized, reducing the detail quite deeply. Gray and red are the two main colors of the game. You will control an army of NPCs to attack, destroy the required system buildings. The characters have the petite appearance, small in size, and are quite cute. Move very flexibly across objects. Equip modern weapons for the tiny army to destroy buildings more easily.

Introduce about Base Attack – Shooting game that destroys objects!

The battle area in Base Attack is extremely diverse. Many different locations for you to choose from. When completing the mission, the system will open the next location for you to conquer. The battles take place on a very large scale, your enemies appear everywhere. Where the system asks you to attack, there will certainly be enemy troops. Be it a gas station, a store, a high-rise building, a structure, a hospital, etc. Don’t look at the small-sized enemies and despise them. Ability to attack extremely high damage. At the same time, the number of them is very large, scattered in different locations. Equipped with the most modern guns, ready to participate in this life-and-death battle. During the match, the goals will change constantly, creating a new feeling for players to be curious and explore.

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The gameplay is simple but extremely attractive

The gameplay is simple but extremely attractive and addictive for players. Shooting gameplay can rotate 360 ​​degrees extremely attractive. You can explore and zoom in on small details easily. Before starting the battle, the system will have a section for the player to choose a combat weapon. There are 3 equipment slots for you to bring your gun with. Simple operation, just a few levels, you can get used to and understand how to play. Your main task is not to destroy places, buildings, etc. Destroying all the enemies is the thing to do. However, because of their small size, they hid in the 3D models. Before the start of the match, the system will have time for you to observe, see where the enemy is hiding to attack. Pay close attention, don’t let a single one survive.

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When the weapon is terrible

By joining Base Attack you have the opportunity to own the entire collection of modern and latest guns in the world. Many new and unique gun models you may not have seen in any shooting game. For example M46, MK47, M42, Laser Gun, etc… Capable of attacking, destroying all models in just a few short seconds. In particular, the laser can burn down a high-rise building with a single pull of the trigger. After each win, the system will have 3 mysterious gifts for you to choose from. In it, there are many types of weapons from low to high quality. If you are lucky, you will receive great guns, completely free. In the shop, the guns are sold at different prices. Try to bring back the most modern guns, to make your weapon collection more diverse and richer.

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Upgrading weapons is extremely necessary when reaching higher levels. The special thing in Base Attack is that after successfully upgrading, your gun will have many new features. For example, the MK45 is a sniper rifle, when you upgrade to the max, there will be more flamethrower features. Not only changing the appearance, increasing the damage but the effects when shooting is also very beautiful. The way to upgrade is quite simple, without spending a lot of materials or having to search for many items. If you’ve ever played games that feature gem pressing, the gun upgrade is similar. Use more powerful, modern guns to combine with the weapon you want to upgrade. The created product will have a unique and novel attack feature. Note: You need to have enough coins to buy new weapons.

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If you are in need of a game to help your mind relax and reduce stress, there is no better choice than Base Attack. The gameplay is simple, there are not many activities and operations to be performed during the battle. What you need to do to win is to carefully observe the hidden position of the enemy. Use precision aiming weapons. Exploding 3D models, all enemies will turn to ashes. Introduce about Base Attack and participate in fierce, dramatic battles.

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