Banana Kong Blast 1.0.25 MOD Unlimited Bananas/ Hearts, Remove Ads APK
Banana Kong Blast MOD APK 1.0.25

Banana Kong Blast 1.0.25 MOD Unlimited Bananas/ Hearts, Remove Ads APK

Written by Hai Nam (19 hours ago)
Name Banana Kong Blast
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher FDG Entertainment GmbH & Co.KG
Size 192MB
Latest Version 1.0.25
MOD Unlimited Bananas/ Hearts, No ADS
Category Action
Price FREE

Banana Kong Blast is a great adventure game where you play with Kong on a journey to explore the jungle world. It is a journey full of fun and the spoils for you are bananas and many attractive gifts. You can play it anytime, anywhere even offline with super simple swipe mechanics. Conquer the challenges, complete the missions and get ready for the next trip. You can unlock dozens of different themed forests and meet new challenges. Along the way, you can also encounter many other funny animals in the forest such as birds, animals, fish, and more. To the forest, to the sea and to go everywhere, are you ready?

Banana Kong Blast – Kong’s fun adventure journey!

This game is inspired by Donkey Kong but it has many interesting new points. It brings you into the never-ending adventure of Kong, a big monkey who loves bananas and jungle walks. This game is not an “endless run” genre, although it seems to be. The game has many tasks that you need to complete, then you can stop to rest and continue with a new challenge whenever you want. Therefore, there is no need to prepare for an endless trip. But each ride is filled with dangerous challenges that you must be wary of. You can swing rope, water slide, and jump over cannons expertly. Don’t forget the bananas or gold coins along the way.


Super simple and addictive gameplay mechanics

It can be said that this game is one of the simplest games on mobile. It does not need you to swipe up, down, left, or right, but just tap the screen at the right time to move. Your monkey will cross the forest thanks to the firepower of the cannons along the way. Just click to make the shot and help him onto another cannon. If you shoot at the wrong time, the monkey may fall into the water or swamp. So, even though the gameplay mechanics are simple, you need to time it perfectly to conquer every trip. On that journey, you also have to collect enough bananas to complete the assigned task.

With the collected bananas, you can unlock dozens of items for Kong. It can be a mask, a hat, a bone, decorative flowers, tables, chairs, and more. They will be used to decorate Kong’s house and his appearance. He will love to bring many wonderful items home and enjoy them after long trips. So work hard to complete the mission to unlock them all. But the challenge will get longer and more difficult. You need to master the maneuvers and act flexibly through the treacherous terrains in the forest. The further you go, the more new and exciting the challenges become. Not only will you pass through the forest, but there are also many new spots to discover.


Unlock many new worlds

Banana Kong Blast offers quite a few different environments for you to explore. But you need to reach a certain level to unlock each environment and spend a long time exploring its whole world. It can be a mysterious forest, a fiery red lava land, an ocean with a diverse marine ecosystem, or year-round snow and ice land. Each environment will give you new challenges, from slippery bridges to waterfalls, snowy roads, and more. You can not only move with cannons but also jump, swing, slide…

Besides, the further you go, you can explore the beautiful and rich landscape. They lead you into magical lands filled with lovely plants and animals. You will meet annoying birds in the forest, octopus, squid, fish, and more in the ocean. Sometimes, you need to rescue trapped animals so that they are free and accompany you. Adventures will be more meaningful than ever when you can immerse yourself in nature and the diverse ecosystem of all species. The further you go, the higher the achievement.


Enjoy beautiful and bright graphics

The game will keep you interested with its beautiful and fun design. The image of Kong and other animals looks very cute and has a lot of flexible movements. Every action in the game from jumping, and swinging to sliding, and shooting is very smooth. The environmental context is super diverse with rich, detailed, and mysterious landscapes. Along with that, your adventure will be integrated with fun and exciting background music. Enjoy stunning visuals and relaxing music every time you play.

So, are you ready for adventure? You can accompany Kong in Banana Kong Blast and travel through beautiful environments. There are countless mysteries to uncover now and plenty of loot to collect. Bananas and many unique decorations are for you to build a house and customize Kong’s look. The diverse game world with many scenes and funny animal friends will stimulate your passion for adventure.

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