Ball Evo: Bounce Heroes 1.0.1 MOD Menu VIP, God Mode, Speed APK
Ball Evo: Bounce Heroes MOD APK 1.0.1

Ball Evo: Bounce Heroes 1.0.1 MOD Menu VIP, God Mode, Speed APK

Written by Hai Nam (3 hours ago)
Name Ball Evo: Bounce Heroes
Requires Android 5.1
Publisher Mgif Studio
Size 73MB
Latest Version 1.0.1
MOD Menu VIP, God Mode, Speed
Category Arcade
Price FREE

Ball Evo: Bounce Heroes is a game in the game series of Mgif Studio provider. The content revolves around the obstacle course theme of expressive balls. Similar to games with similar themes. The story of this game revolves around the ball hero. Join the adventure to collect gold stars. Complete missions to conquer tough challenges. To recreate a beautiful space for all players to experience. The game has used 2D platformer-style graphics. With thousands of different levels of play, taking place in ascending order. At the same time will face a lot of obstacles, and dangerous traps. Use all skills to overcome, and conquer all challenges to achieve excellent results.

Introduce about Ball Evo: Bounce Heroes – Accompany Ball Hero to Conquer Challenges!

Based on the 2D platformer graphics of the game Ball Evo: Bounce Heroes. The picture quality is very well designed. With a harmonious combination of colors and images. Create a dramatic landscape in adventures. Shape the ball with a facial expression depiction. The expression will be changed according to each activity taking place. For example, when approaching the finish line, a happy expression is shown in the eyes. Movement of the ball in a physical way, rolling to move. The surroundings are reproduced vividly. Images of trees, moving pavement, and objects appearing. Besides graphics, fun sounds are presented during the adventure. Interspersed with music melodies are changed to suit each ball’s activity. For example when the ball jumps to avoid the obstacles.Ball Evo Bounce Heroes

The increasing difficulty, flexible skills

Ball Evo adventure: Bounce Heroes takes place in each level. Currently, the game has more than 1000 different levels. In ascending order, the difficulty will increase each time you step into a new level. Will face many difficult challenges at each level. Complex terrain, treacherous roads. Many dangerous traps will cause the ball to lose its life if it collides. The travel distance is also longer when participating in difficult levels. In particular, will have to confront the boss in a competitive 1vs1 match. To conquer the game levels, complete all the missions. Requires your control skills to be really flexible. Combine observation to avoid and overcome pitfalls safely. Also, draw on previous experiences to improve skills. Achieve excellent performance to receive rewards.Game Ball Evo Bounce Heroes

Collect stars, rescue teammates

In ball adventure at Ball Evo: Bounce Heroes. You will have to do a lot of different activities. The goal is to proceed to the gate at the end of the path. Travel through the space to complete the mission. Throughout that process will have to collect gold stars. Each level will require a different number of stars. Collecting enough will help you to achieve excellent achievements. Or in some game levels, there will be other conditions required. Instead of collecting stars, you need to rescue teammates. They are being held in an iron cage. Jump precisely to destroy the cage. Also, don’t forget to collect the gold coins. They appear on the roads that will pass. Accumulate gold coins, which you can use to perform trading activities.Tai Ball Evo Bounce Heroes

Face a variety of bosses

The biggest difficulty in Ball Evo: Bounce Heroes is not the rough terrain. But the appearance of the robot is in the way. If you are not careful, you will cause the ball to die. Moreover, you will face bosses on many different levels. The power of the boss is superior to that of normal robots. From the huge amount of health to the ability to defend. Each boss-type has its own attack style. For example, the boss performs jumping actions. Or shoot marbles to attack from long distances. There are some other bosses such as thorn boss, spearhead boss,… The common ground between boss types is shown through each attack. Then will be stunned for a short period of time. That time is your opportunity to attack, causing the boss’s health to be reduced.Introduce about Ball Evo Bounce Heroes

The currency used in Ball Evo: Bounce Heroes is gold coins. You can collect them in level-by-level adventures. Or get rewarded every day, play the wheel of fortune. Using accumulated gold coins can unlock many new skills. Change the style of the shadow hero to make it stand out. The game has many different types of balls for you to experience. Typical such as ninja shadow, cat shadow, devil ball, Pikachu ball,… and many more. Unlock in turn to control your favorite shadow heroes.

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