Ball Bounce Freaking 1.4.5 MOD Menu VIP, Godmode, Speed APK
Ball Bounce Freaking  MOD APK 1.4.5

Ball Bounce Freaking 1.4.5 MOD Menu VIP, Godmode, Speed APK

Written by Hai Nam (3 hours ago)
Name Ball Bounce Freaking
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Fanmob Studio
Size 79MB
Latest Version 1.4.5
MOD Menu VIP, Godmode, Speed
Category Adventure
Price FREE

Conquer hundreds of challenges in the Ball Bounce Freaking game. This is an adventure game, published by Fanmob Studio. The content of the game revolves around the Ball, an expressive ball. On a mission to collect gold stars. With the goal of rescuing the other Ball friends. The game is developed specifically for mobile devices. Unlocks many interesting features for you to explore. Enjoy beautiful HD graphics and optimal resolution. Vivid picture quality, funny sound. Game mechanics are designed in the style of overcoming obstacles. Unlocks many maps with unique terrain. Along with an easy-to-control control system, it helps you control Ball’s movement simply. Promises to bring a whole new adventure experience.

Introduce about Ball Bounce Freaking – Ball Adventure In Levels!

Come to Ball Bounce Freaking to enjoy the exciting adventure. Swing around the Ball with facial expressions. Your mission is to accompany Ball to overcome complex terrain. Conquer tough challenges, and defeat other Ball enemies. Simultaneously collect gold stars at various locations. Currently, the game offers more than 100 levels. Each level opens up an adventure, taking place on uniquely designed terrain. With each level increasing day by day. Every time step to a new level to perform the next mission. The distance needed to travel further than before. In particular, the terrain will be changed, along with the appearance of a large number of Ball enemies. Make you face a lot of difficulties and challenges to complete the mission.Ball Bounce Freaking

Multiple enemies Ball, individual skills

The biggest difficulty in Ball Bounce Freaking has not complicated terrain. It’s the appearance of other Ball enemies. Each type of Ball has its own attack style. A common purpose gets in the way, bringing your adventure to an end. Typical such as Ball spikes, Ball spiders, Ball demons dropping bombs,… Moreover, there are many dangerous obstacles. For example, a chainsaw rotates according to certain inertia. To be able to overcome all difficult challenges in the process of moving. Requires control of your Ball. Observe the movement of the enemy to take advantage of the opportunity, and move through safely. Or you can choose to attack to destroy. By jumping on enemies accurately to defeat them. From there can continue the adventure to perform the quest.Introduce about Ball Bounce Freaking

Diverse missions, and flags save location

In the levels, the play takes place in Ball Bounce Freaking. You will have to perform a lot of different tasks. In addition to collecting a sufficient number of gold stars. Still have to rescue teammates, those are other Ball balls. They are being locked in an iron cage by the enemy, waiting for you to rescue them. Throughout the process of performing tasks in the game levels. The challenges are changed in many unique styles. Even more interesting, there are flags that save the location. They appear anywhere on each level. As soon as you move over to interact, the system will automatically save the location. Then, unfortunately, collide with obstacles. Or get hit by other Ball enemies. You will be resurrected at the correct location of the flag to continue the unfinished mission.Game Ball Bounce Freaking

Collect gold coins

Gold coins are the main currency in Ball Bounce Freaking. They are used to perform transactional operations. Through the playing levels, you will collect a lot of gold coins. They appear throughout the process of moving on complex terrain. Moreover, in order not to miss any coins in the adventures. You can use a magnet to suck the whole thing. Besides, from receiving rewards after completing tasks. Or watch a free promotional video to receive a lucky gift box. After opening will receive a large number of gold coins. Can be used to shop, and change Ball’s appearance style. Create your own stand-out, more impressive.Ear Ball Bounce Freaking

According to the system provided, the graphics of Ball Bounce Freaking bring a very unique impression. Based on actual HD picture quality. Recreate your surroundings, the terrain comes to life in adventures. Along with the shape of a Ball, with facial expressions. Drawn mouth and eyes. At the same time, Ball’s expression will be changed. For example, grief when hitting an obstacle. Or happy feelings when successfully rescuing teammates, and completing missions. Along with that, funny sound effects. With exciting music, every time Ball interacts and moves.

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