Baby Manor 1.67.3 MOD Lots of Money APK
Baby Manor: Home Design Dreams MOD APK 1.67.3

Baby Manor 1.67.3 MOD Lots of Money APK

Written by Hai Nam (19 hours ago)
Name Baby Manor: Home Design Dreams
Requires Android 4.4
Size 224MB
Latest Version 1.67.3
MOD Unlimited Money
Category Puzzle
Price FREE

Baby Manor revolves around the story of Bobby and Sarah redesigning the dream house. Through match-3 puzzles progress the quest. The content of the game is played according to an interesting storyline. This is a completely free offline game to challenge your creativity. As well as test your puzzle skills through the levels. Accordingly, you will accompany the character Bobby in the story of renovating the old house. From there, create a dream life in your own home. More interesting when participating in the game will enjoy 3D graphics. Unleash a beautiful setting in a world of its own. Help you be immersed in a joyful life according to Bobby’s story.

Baby Manor – Clean Up With Bobby To Create A Dream House!

Follow the story introduced through a short movie when participating in the game. Bobby is a harpist, and Sarah is a flight attendant. They ran into each other on a flight, when asked for a cup of coffee. After a while of getting to know each other and dating, the two of them got married. After Sarah became pregnant and gave birth to a boy. At this time, Bobby decided to bring the mother and daughter back to their homeland. But after arriving, the scene in front of them is a large house, but it has become old over time. To be able to live here, they need to clean up and renovate. Accordingly, you will accompany Bobby to clean up the house. From there immerse in their beautiful story in a world of its own.Baby Manor

Many rooms and areas

The house has a lot of different rooms and areas that need cleaning. Consisting of a living room, library, kitchen, balcony, garden, and others. In each area there are many things that need repair or replacement. For example, in the living room, the tables and chairs are very old, along with the very dirty floor. You need to clean and replace the seats, drinking tables and many other places. Likewise on the balcony to a lot of miscellaneous objects. They are not stacked, but rather cluttered. You need to clean up and rearrange. Or rooms with different locations will be explored when participating. It is necessary to perform each job in turn to complete the dream house.Introduce about Baby Manor

The gameplay takes place

Follow the gameplay of the game Baby Manor. Each activity that takes place will have to pass a match-3 puzzle level. Complete the item collection condition with the required quantity. You will then receive a bottle of milk to use to unlock it. At the same time, the system will provide the option to redesign objects in the house. For example, after completing a puzzle, you will have 3 different choices about the type of living room chair. Depending on the design of the landscape can choose the right type of chair. Likewise, the items that need to be replaced will be given by the system after completing each puzzle. Over time, it is possible to gradually renovate the old objects in the house.

Use the milk bottle received after completing the puzzle. You can unlock new activities to renovate the house. For example, the floor is full of dust and dirt. A broom is required to be able to carry out the cleaning. Now use the milk bottle and unlock the brush. From there, perform a cleaning to make the floor cleaner.Ear Baby Manor

Match-3 puzzle rules

Similar to the games in the match-3 puzzle genre. Here puzzle items include a heart symbol, a golden bell, a button, and a broom holder. Each type of item is uniquely shaped and has its own color. They are arranged in puzzle levels by squares. Rely on the match-3 rule to perform the task. At each level, there will be conditions on the number and type of items to collect. You need to match at least 3 or more similar items. Also must complete within a limited number of puzzles. After collecting enough will complete the task in a puzzle.Game Baby Manor

During the puzzle quest in Baby Manor. Support items can be used when needed. For example boosters and interchangeable gloves. But it should be noted that they only have a limited number, so they should only be used when the next puzzle turn cannot be found. Besides, it is possible to create combos to receive special items. For example, match 4 or 5 of the same items in a puzzle turn. From there can get special items to use in the next turn. From there, pair them with items of the same type that can create vertical or horizontal explosions or boosters. Helps you to collect a large number of different items.

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