Auto Hero MOD Menu VIP, Shopping, Immortality, 1Hit, Auto Kill APK
Auto Hero MOD APK

Auto Hero MOD Menu VIP, Shopping, Immortality, 1Hit, Auto Kill APK

By Hai Nam April 7, 2024 (1 week ago)
Name Auto Hero
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Angles Game Studio
Size 184MB
Latest Version
MOD Menu, Shopping, Immortality, One Hit, Auto Kill
Category Action
Price FREE

If you are waiting for a fun shooting game, come to Auto Hero. It is a shooting game combined with the classic scrolling style. Join now, you will become a hero with a mission to destroy monsters to protect world peace. You will embark on a journey of battle and adventure through hundreds of levels. It’s an endless and dangerous journey, but with great loot hidden in it. So if you’re brave enough, make an effort to go as far as you can. The game gives you many heroes and weapons to choose from. Of course, it also has no shortage of useful resources to upgrade the hero’s strength. Let’s explore them all now.

Download Auto Hero MOD APK – Offline RPG shooting gameplay

The world is plunged into chaos by the domination of monsters. That’s when the world needs heroes like you to protect human civilization. This is a good reason for you to start your adventure in Auto Hero. It will take you on a journey against hordes of hideous monsters. In it, you will play as a muscular commando sniper with a rifle in his hand. Your mission is to destroy monsters and uncover the mystery behind this return of the enemy. Sounds epic, doesn’t it? But you can reach this game easily thanks to the simple auto mechanics. And the game can work even when offline.


Explore the modes and missions

The game currently has 3 main modes, including Campaign, Endless, and Tower. In the campaign mode, the game offers more than 150 different missions according to the level of progress. Thereby, it will take you through the wars and adventures in the fantasy monster land. You will fight, pass levels, receive bonuses, upgrade and unlock new journeys. Meanwhile, in Endless mode, there are no levels here. You will start with a certain amount of HP and have to survive as long as possible. The longer you survive, the higher the score and the bigger the bonus. Besides these modes, the game has many other interesting events that you should not miss.


Show off your marksmanship

Start by choosing a mode, then move on to your battle journey. Your task is to destroy all monsters and find loot from them. To do this, you must show your agility. Since the gun will automatically shoot at the target, all you have to do is move the hero. You can use the joystick on the left side of the screen and the arrow on the right. Thanks to that, you can move freely up and down, left, right, and jump flexibly. But is it really that easy?

When entering the battle of Auto Hero, enemies will automatically come to you from all sides. On difficult levels, you have to face crowds of monsters or giant Bosses. So moving wisely is the key to victory. But what really gets you through the fight is the power of the weapon. In some situations, you will receive support from divine forces. They give your hero several upgrade options. It can be upgrading HP, damage, range… Based on the battlefield situation, you should choose the appropriate upgrade. But these upgrades are only valid for a certain period of time. If you want to be stronger, upgrade your heroes and weapons.


Unlock and upgrade heroes

This game offers a diverse hero system. Those are powerful and super cool rifle commandos. You can find them at the store at different prices. Don’t hesitate to unlock anyone you like when you download the version of the game at this site. Each hero will have 2 important stats including Damage and HP. To improve these stats, you need to add to the hero the necessary 4 sets of equipment, which are guns, spears, items, and shoes. Besides, the hero system is distinguished by the number of stars. The 5-star hero is the rarest card type.


The classic and friendly visual style

As can be seen, this game is designed in a classic style. It brings you into the creative fantasy world of 2D monsters. With the screen scrolling mechanism, you can see the context change dynamically from left to right and through each level. Besides, the hero image according to the cartoon design looks both lovely and strong. In particular, the combat effects are very eye-catching. They highlight battles between heroes and monsters.

Overall, Auto Hero is an addictive enough action game. Download the game to your phone to start the endless fighting adventure right now. You will transform into a hero with automatic shooting talent. Your job is to move, jump, target, and upgrade. Everything is quite simple but highly addictive. You can enjoy that addictive experience even when offline on your phone.

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