Archer Hero 3D 1.9.8 MOD VIP, Remove Ads APK
Archer Hero 3D MOD APK 1.9.8

Archer Hero 3D 1.9.8 MOD VIP, Remove Ads APK

Written by Hai Nam (3 hours ago)
Name Archer Hero 3D
Requires Android 4.4
Latest Version1.9.8
MOD VIP, Remove Ads
Price FREE

Archer Hero 3D is a simple but addictive action game. It is the next super product from the popular publisher Voodoo. The gameplay of the game is built according to archery mechanics. But it has hundreds of unique levels that you should not miss. Your mission is to shoot archery and kill enemies to survive and rescue innocent people. You just need to touch the screen to do it without any training. Whether you have ever played archery or not, this game is suitable for you. So if you are looking for a simple game for fun, this is a great choice. Let’s explore more about this game together.

Archer Hero 3D – Idle but attractive archery mechanics!

If you have ever played any game from the publisher Voodoo, you will realize that simplicity and sophistication are the hallmarks of Archer Hero 3D. It is designed with simple visuals and gameplay. It doesn’t even have a specific plot. Instead, it brings hundreds of archery levels. In each level, your task is to destroy all available enemies to pass the level and receive rewards. It’s as simple as that, it’s both easy to play and addictive in its own way. It is this simplicity that helps anyone who plays it can relax and entertain anywhere, anytime.


Precise aiming

Stepping into each game screen, you will transform into an archer. You have to use arrows and bows to kill enemies to complete each level. To do this, you just touch the screen at the point you want to shoot. After that, just release your hand to let the character automatically shoot at the specified point. Things are actually simpler than you think, but you need a little strategy and precision to win. In particular, remember, the enemy is only completely destroyed with a headshot. If you shoot at the neck, arm, leg, or any other part other than the head, you have to spend one more arrow to finish the enemy. So aim for the head and finish the target with just a single arrow.


The challenge is getting harder

After completing a level, you will be taken to a new context. At this new level, the challenge will be more difficult than what happened before. You have to face more enemies, more obstacles, and faster-paced battles. So what you need are almost absolute concentration and precision. To achieve good results, in addition to training, you can apply the following tips.

Shoot at obstacles: This tip sounds contradictory, doesn’t it? But it can be effective in certain situations. For example, if the enemy is covered by a pile of wood or a shield, you need to destroy the obstacle first to reach the target. Besides, if you see a barrel of explosives, shoot at it to create a big explosion.

Keep a safe distance: There is a basic rule that you need to know when playing Archer Hero 3D. That is, the farther the distance, the lower the accuracy. So, to hit the target, you should let the enemy automatically come close. Of course, you have to keep a safe distance from them and shoot quickly to avoid being attacked again.

Dodge hostages: Of course, your target is not a hostage. Hostage subjects will have a “Help” icon on their heads. You need to avoid hitting them with archery if you don’t want to start over.


Beautiful and diverse scene

Although the gameplay remains the same through hundreds of levels, this game still offers freshness. Typically, its context will change dynamically after a certain number of levels. New backgrounds will be designed with new colors and views. It can be desert regions, forests, beaches, and more. Although the design is simple, every map is very eye-catching. Moreover, the new map will bring new enemies, from minions holding baseball bats to giant Boss wielding axes. And that’s when the challenge for you becomes more and more difficult.


Simple and colorful pictures

Most of the games from Voodoo are downright simple, and so is this title. It is designed with 3D graphics but is quite rudimentary. Character images and backgrounds are nothing special. However, all are colorful, creating a vivid experience scene. Besides, the background music with cheerful melodies also contributes to the attraction of the game. Moreover, each of your movements on the screen is also quite smooth, providing a realistic archery feeling.

Archer Hero 3D if you are looking for an entertaining idle game. Just tap the screen to shoot archery and explore tons of fun levels. But this is a fun place to test your focus and agility. Show your talent by conquering every level here. If you pass the final level, you will get the rare achievement of the game.

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