Apple Knight: Action Platformer 2.3.4 MOD Lots of Money APK
Apple Knight: Action Platformer MOD APK 2.3.4

Apple Knight: Action Platformer 2.3.4 MOD Lots of Money APK

By Hai Nam April 7, 2024 (1 week ago)
Name Apple Knight: Action Platformer
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher Limitless, LLC
Size 55MB
Latest Version 2.3.4
MOD Unlimited Money
Category Adventure
Price FREE

Get ready for an adventure in Apple Knight: Action Platformer. Your mission is to uncover unknown secrets. Through challenging levels that unfold in various stages. Accordingly, there will be the opportunity to explore many worlds and face countless dangerous enemies. Moreover are dangerous bosses at a certain stage. But there is no choice but to fight to keep moving forward. Only by overcoming all difficulties can the assigned mission be completed. Accordingly, you will play the role of a hero armed with weapons. Combine with skills to move flexibly through challenges. Try to survive and achieve the requirements given to complete the mission.

Download Apple Knight: Action Platformer MOD APK – Overcome Challenges in Action Adventure

Follow the game’s story to explore the world and learn about unknown secrets. You will adventure through 40 different levels in 4 worlds. Accordingly, each world consists of 10 levels and a boss. To be able to overcome all challenges will take a lot of time. As well as requiring the hero’s fighting skills to face the dangers. At the same time have to overcome difficult terrain on the way. Not stopping there, the adventure levels taking place will be divided into 3 different levels. Includes Story, Casual and Hard. Each level is designed with different difficulty, shown by the number of stars.Apple Knight- Action Platformer

The gameplay takes place in each level

In each level, the adventure unfolds a long way with rugged terrain. At the same time, give specific requirements to be achieved in the process of performing the task. Shown by the number of red apples to collect, the number of treasure chests, and special chests to search. Play as a hero to start the journey. You will have to overcome uneven terrain and avoid dangerous obstacles. Face enemies that hinder you from moving forward. Accordingly, there will be a no better choice but to attack when facing the enemy. Combined with movement skills to be able to overcome difficult terrain. Successfully reach the end of the way to complete the mission.Game Apple Knight- Action Platformer

Plays and hearts

Go on an adventure quest in each level of Apple Knight: Action Platformer will have up to 3 plays. After losing a life will be revived at the saved location on the road. Shown through a pile of firewood is burned to light a fire when moving through. From there it is possible to continue the journey to uncover the secrets. However, after 3 turns, if you still can’t complete the task, you will have to start from the beginning.

Before losing your life, you will probably be injured many times. Depends on the number of hearts obtained during the adventure. Accordingly, each time you fall into a trap or are hit by an enemy, you will lose a heart. Repeat this until there are no more hearts that will lose their lives.Tai Apple Knight- Action Platformer

Difficulty increases and face the boss

After finishing a journey can go to the next level. The road is not only longer than before, but the terrain is also designed to be more rugged. At the same time the number of enemies to face will increase. They will attack in many ways to take lives. Or cause obstacles that make it difficult for you to move forward. Even facing bosses when reaching certain levels. Accordingly, if you want to explore the new world, you will have no choice but to defeat the boss.

Explore 4 worlds

As introduced earlier, the game has 4 different worlds. Each world unfolds in its own environment. Includes green forest, rocky mountains, caves, and dungeons. In each environment, the context is designed differently. As well as the terrain is differently simulated to bring exciting adventures. For example, in the environment in a cave, you will have to overcome sharp thorn traps. Especially the lava flows. Or adventure through the forest will have to dodge sharp wooden tops.Download Apple Knight- Action Platformer

At Apple Knight: Action Platformer can equip heroes with various weapons. Starting from a free wooden sword. The money you earn can later be used to unlock iron swords, ax blades, and spiked swords. The combat ability of each weapon will not be the same. Shown through stats like damage, range, crit rate, and crit damage. Besides, it is also possible to customize the appearance of the character with many uniquely designed costumes. Each outfit when used will increase stats to enhance superior combat ability.

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