Annelids: Online battle 1.118.11 MOD Menu VIP, Lots of Money APK
Annelids: Online battle  MOD APK 1.118.11

Annelids: Online battle 1.118.11 MOD Menu VIP, Lots of Money APK

By Hai Nam April 6, 2024 (1 week ago)
Name Annelids: Online battle
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher Michal Srb
Size 16MB
Latest Version 1.118.11
MOD Menu VIP, Unlimited Money
Category Action
Price FREE

Take part in exciting battles in Annelids: Online battle MOD. The game is built with action-style gameplay. The content revolves around the battle of the evil worms. Your mission is to control the worm to destroy the opponent. The vast world can destroy everything. Also based on a random map generation mechanism. You will compete with many other opponents on a unique map. Along with that is the interaction with the surrounding environment. When participating, you will be able to explore the underground environment. Besides, the system of diverse tasks. Along with the matches in many attractive game modes. Especially will have the opportunity to explore many impressive maps. Learn about different types of weapons, along with secret weapons. From there will increase the experience to enjoy.

Download Annelids: Online battle MOD APK – War of the Underground Worms

Based on a single-player mode with a story-driven mission system. Here, Annelids: Online battle offers 68 different missions. Each mission unlocks a level-based match. Take control of the worm to start a challenging adventure on the vast map. You will have to move through many difficult terrains. Search for equipment and mark locations from the flags. At the same time, the goal is to defeat other worms. They appear in many different locations. Use equipped weapons to attack. After killing the opponent to complete the mission. The achieved achievements will be evaluated through the number of stars. From there will receive the corresponding bonus. Stay engaged in new quests. The difficulty of the challenge will increase, and the terrain and environment will also be changed.Annelids- Online battle

Online modes

In addition to the single-player mode with different missions to perform. Annelids: Online battle MOD APK also has many other online game modes. Compete in multiplayer, team mode, life or death. Each mode unlocks challenging PvP competitive matches. The opponents are players from all over the world. Through the server, systems are connected to each other. For example, participating in a team battle for strategic competition between two factions. You need to coordinate with your teammates to attack and win convincingly. Or the multiplayer mode will have no allies. Everyone will find a way to destroy each other to find the last survivor. No matter what mode you participate in online matches. To rise to become a champion requires flexible skills.Game Annelids- Online battle

Gameplay, unlocking chests, infinite ropes

Before entering the battle between the worms in Annelids: Online battle. The system will generate random maps with different environmental conditions. As well as the terrain will be uniquely designed. Especially can destroy the texture of the map by moving and attacking. Along with that, in the process of competing to find the best worm. There will be a chance to find treasure chests. After unlocking will receive many types of equipment. Can be a weapon to make an offensive tool or defensive equipment. Use them to go on adventures in extreme environmental conditions. Along with that, the worm is also equipped with an infinite rope. Can be used to shoot sticks at terrain or rocks. From there collect the rope to overcome obstacles, with difficulties that cannot be moved in the usual way.Tai Annelids- Online battle

Weapon system

Possess a diverse weapon system, with many different types. Includes 33 main weapons and 9 secret weapons. Those are unique assault guns provided by Annelids: Online battle MOD APK 1.118.11. Typical as rifles, bazookas, machine guns,… and many more. Each type of gun has its own attack style. Their difference is reflected in their style and usage. As well as range and influence in battle. To own your favorite guns. It will be necessary to use the accumulated bonus to unlock. Each weapon will require a different amount of money. The more superior the weapon, the more money it needs to spend to buy. Along with that, there will be some support items such as first aid boxes. When interacting with them will help the worm recover a certain amount of health.Download Annelids- Online battle

MOD APK Featurte of Annelids: Online battle

  • MOD menu
  • all weapons unlocked
  • unlimited ammo
  • unlimited money

Currently, Annelids: Online battle has 17 different maps. Each map is designed with its own style of environment. As well as the terrain on each map is uniquely recreated. Roads can move in many directions. Especially based on the mechanism of destroying everything. The map in each match will be changed as the worms perform attacks and moves. Moreover, the maps in the game are all simulated underground. Typically, the usual land map, ice, snow, lava,… There are many other types that will be discovered when participating.

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