Animal Warfare 2.9.14 MOD Menu VIP, God Mode, Lots of Money APK
Animal Warfare MOD APK 2.9.14

Animal Warfare 2.9.14 MOD Menu VIP, God Mode, Lots of Money APK

By Hai Nam April 7, 2024 (1 week ago)
Name Animal Warfare
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher PlaySide Studios
Size 83MB
Latest Version 2.9.14
MOD Menu, God Mode, Unlimited Money
Category Strategy
Price FREE

Build an army of animals in the Animal Warfare game. Lead them to participate in battles in the arena. Face off against an army of enemy animals in fierce combat. The goal is to beat them all to win. From there collect gold coins, to enhance the ability of the army. This game belongs to the category of action strategy games. Play in an offline mode completely free. With unique features bring a fun experience. Accordingly, you will become the commander to recruit different animals. From cute animals to wild animals. Simultaneously evolve them to enhance their superior strength. Continue the war against the more powerful animal armies.

Download Animal Warfare MOD APK – Lead the Animal Army Into Battles

The game’s graphics are designed based on a sharp 3D platform. With a pixel-style combination. Open up a diverse and fun animal world. Accordingly, the animals are shaped in the form of pixel cubes. With many different colors to bring a unique experience. Along with that is the bright image quality. Set on green lands in the forest or mountains. Not stopping there, the motion effects of the animals are reproduced flexibly. Especially when they are destroyed will be shown through small blocks falling. In addition to graphics, the sound system is simulated vividly. With fun music melodies that are recreated during the matches.Ear Animal Warfare

More than 100 levels

The mission system will be played out according to the game’s story. Unlock over 100 different levels to challenge your strategy in leading an army of animals. In each level opens a fierce war between two factions of animals. It takes place on a large arena with many different species. Accordingly, you will develop a strategy according to your own playstyle. Arrange the positions of the animals on the squares. After starting, the two sides will rush to attack until all the animals on either side are destroyed. The remaining army will win in the end.Download Animal Warfare

The gameplay takes place in each battle

To be able to win a level of Animal Warfare. Requires your strategy in the deployment of the strike force. Observe the enemy formation with the animals arranged in different positions. Then move to arrange the animals in possession on the squares. Create the best strategy to fight the enemy army after starting. Here, in each war, it is possible to build an army of monsters with a maximum number of 12. At the same time, you cannot interfere in the war while it is happening. But can only monitor and wait to see the final results.Game Animal Warfare

Challenge increases when reaching new levels

After defeating the enemy animal army will win. From there will complete the mission to continue to the new level. The difficulty will increase with greater challenges from the enemy. Expressed through the number of animals will increase. At the same time, there are also wild animals or large animals. Not only that but the ability of each enemy animal species is also improved significantly. From attack power to stamina, as well as a large amount of health. Causing a fierce battle between the two factions. You will even receive defeat if you cannot defeat the enemy force.

Animals to recruit

There are many different animals for you to recruit. For example pigs, bears, gibbons, giraffes, lions,… and many more. It can be seen that the animal system provided by the game is very diverse. From cute animals to wild animals. To be able to unlock new animals need to merge. When you own two animals of the same species, you can tap to pull them together. Evolve to create an animal with a higher level, shown by the number of stars. From there will increase the ability to outperform more attacks, as well as improve defense and health stats.Animal Warfare

Through the levels take place in Animal Warfare. There are still many different tasks to be performed that are specifically opened by the system. For example, win 10 matches, collect 2000 gold coins, and unlock 2 new animals. Finish the battle within the required time limit and pass the specific level. Many other missions will be unlocked one after another after completion. At the same time, you will receive valuable rewards including gold coins and purple diamonds. The amount received corresponds to the difficulty of each task.

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