Angry Gran Run 2.33.1 MOD Unlocked Characters, Lots of Money APK
Angry Gran Run MOD APK 2.33.1

Angry Gran Run 2.33.1 MOD Unlocked Characters, Lots of Money APK

Written by Hai Nam (4 hours ago)
Name Angry Gran Run
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher Aceviral
Size 44MB
Latest Version 2.33.1
MOD Unlocked Characters, Unlimited Money
Category Racing
Price FREE

Angry Gran Run takes you on an endless adventure with a super funny old lady. Instead of running with strong healthy boys or girls, you will play as an angry old woman in her journey to escape from a mental institution. With such a fun and humorous storyline, you can approach it easily and find a lot of fun here. Moreover, the control mechanism is also super simple and familiar, just swipe to play and overcome obstacles. The running track will change flexibly according to your every step. You will encounter dozens of craziest obstacles and even useful loot. Choose wisely to dodge obstacles and collect your loot. Are you ready?

Introduce about Angry Gran Run – Enjoy the speed and fun on the run!

If you are looking for a new endless running game, Angry Gran Run will satisfy you. It builds on the classic gameplay but is set in a completely new story and setting. You will play as Granny Gran with the goal of running as far as possible to escape the refugee camp for Fred to master. With old age and weakness, she can’t run fast, but with your help it’s different. Swipe flexibly on the screen to help her overcome all obstacles and run as far as possible. She can even set a world record for speed and distance here. There are dozens of skins to refresh your character and a variety of maps with unique challenges waiting for you to explore.


The run of the angry grandmother

Continuing the story of the game, you will play the role of an old woman and participate in an endless running journey. The gameplay is no different from other games of the same genre, but the obstacles you encounter are completely new. You will have to cross streets with cars, runners running in the opposite direction, music bands singing in the middle of the street, or even a dinosaur lying on the street… Sounds crazy right? The game is full of funny fantasies to bring joy and surprise to you. So try to run as far as to discover them all. Your performance is determined by the distance you run.

Sometimes the game has several missions for each of your runs. Find a way to complete the task to receive the corresponding reward. Besides, don’t miss the unique loot along the way, including gold coins and support items. Moreover, you will have the opportunity to explore the beautiful scenery on both sides of the running track. But don’t let its beauty attract you, you can bump into any obstacle and stop in regret. Swipe left or right to change lanes, swipe up to jump over, and swipe down to slide. This mechanism will certainly not make it difficult for you.


Unlock skins, explore unique maps

Want to find something new on your journey? Angry Gran Run gives you many cool things to do. You can find dozens of impressive skins to refresh your character. It could be a banana cosplay, a Wonder Woman warrior, a bear, or even a super cool ninja. They will make your granny look funny and stylish. From there, you will be inspired to run long distances. But notice, you need to collect enough points to unlock each skin. So, work hard to run and complete the assigned tasks.

Besides, you can’t miss the beautiful maps in this game. It will lead you through temples, jungles, streets, subway stations, and more in famous cities like New York, and Rome… Different maps will make you mesmerized with stunning landscapes and many creative challenges. You will encounter the craziest and most novel bosses on each map, which is something that will make you unforgettable. In addition, the map in the game is designed according to the theme with styles from classic to modern. You can return to the early days when dinosaurs existed or take a step to the modern city of Rome before your eyes.


Playful music, funny pictures

The cartoon design style makes this game great humor and fun. It takes the image of an old woman as the main character, creating joy for all gamers. The character has fun but flexible movements, along with dozens of unique skins. The background is always bright, the music is fun and exciting. You will see the diversity of the scene through the maps and the dynamic change of the landscape during the run.


Angry Gran Run will not disappoint you with its familiar and new endless running gameplay. You will have the opportunity to discover dozens of exciting challenges along the way from vehicles to dinosaurs and more. Try to overcome all to score achievements on the leaderboard. You can run endurance races with online gamers and get bonuses for shopping and upgrades.

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