Angry Birds Space HD 2.2.14 MOD Unlimited Boosters APK
Angry Birds Space HD MOD APK 2.2.14

Angry Birds Space HD 2.2.14 MOD Unlimited Boosters APK

Written by Hai Nam (2 hours ago)
Name Angry Birds Space HD
Requires Android 4.1
Publisher Rovio Entertainment Corporation
Size 46MB
Latest Version 2.2.14
MOD Unlimited Boosters
Category Arcade
Price FREE

Angry Birds Space HD is an action game built based on familiar images from the popular Angry Birds series. But now, your slingshot levels will take place in space. There are over 10 planets to explore, and each one will keep you excited with hundreds of unique levels. The green pigs are now wiser as they know how to use space to their advantage. So you need new strategies to destroy them and the defenses they create. Over time you will unlock new levels, new challenges, and new types of ammunition. Turn the heroic birds into amazing bullets for the slingshot and conquer every special level.

Introduce about Angry Birds Space HD – The battle with the green pig in space!

The battle between Angry Birds and the green pigs that steal bird eggs is an eternal theme. But now, it even transcends the limits of the earth. The battle scene takes place in space, where gravity is no longer an issue. So the familiar slingshot gameplay mechanics are now fresher, requiring new strategies to conquer all levels. However, the classic characters are still retained and continue to appear in this game. You will meet red, yellow, bluebirds and of course the obnoxious fat green pigs. Discover dozens of other friends in your game progress.


Upgraded gameplay

Compared to the gameplay mechanics in the classic Angry Birds games, this game has been upgraded somewhat. Since the game levels will take place in space, there are dozens of different factors that can affect the effectiveness of each shot. But basically, the slingshot operation remains unchanged. Your job is to touch the screen, swipe back to create force, align the direction of the shot and release your hand to shoot. But to be effective in each shot, you need to ensure accuracy in each operation. Firstly, you need to swipe properly to create the right shot force, helping to reach near or far targets. Second, you need to align the shot correctly to deal damage to the enemy. Take into account the effect of other factors, such as the rate of fire in space, bullet skills, and more.

Currently, the game has up to 9 story chapters and more than 300 levels in total. So after each level, you can unlock new levels and enjoy new challenges. The next level is usually harder than the previous level, but the gameplay is the same. The green pigs will know how to make it difficult for you with strong protective barriers. They will even hide inside planets. At that time, you will need more shots to destroy the protective barrier before reaching them. But the number of bullets is limited, you need to shoot accurately or you will have to play over and over again.


Explore the galaxy and bird collection

Angry Birds Space HD brings a super unique map collection inspired by planets. Specifically, there are up to 10 different planets from the Red Planet and the cold orb of Cold Cuts to a planet made of junk food, a glass planet, a rocky planet, and even your Earth. Each planet not only has a unique appearance but also has unique characteristics, which affect your strategy. Besides, each level that takes place on planets will be renewed through each level. There seems to be no overlap in the arrangement and layout of the green pig’s works.

In addition, there must be a typical cast of characters from the popular Angry Birds world. They are all brought here, and each character has their own unique skills to discover. Red is still the default character with no skills, while the other birds bring unexpected effects. A bomb will help activate the self-explosion mechanism, helping to destroy any green pig. A bird with a helmet capable of dealing damage to nearby enemies. And many more cool things are available to unlock.


Simple but creative design

The image of the familiar angry birds depicted is very close to the original. Meanwhile, the green pigs are the same but have many new and unique looks. The game scene is completely changed with innovative planetary maps. Moreover, the effects of shooting, explosion, and collision… are extremely eye-catching. The music is vibrant and bustling, creating endless inspiration for every gamer. Everything is great for you to have hot and super fun shooting levels.

All in all, Angry Birds Space HD is a new but addictive game. It is still based on the classic slingshot mechanism but has more unique mechanics, attracting gamers looking for something new. Get ready to meet the super funny angry birds again and accompany them in their alien revenge against the green pigs. At the same time, you will have the opportunity to adventure through unique planets.

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