Ala Mobile GP 6.8.1 MOD Lots of Money, Paid Features Unlocked APK
Ala Mobile GP MOD APK 6.8.1

Ala Mobile GP 6.8.1 MOD Lots of Money, Paid Features Unlocked APK

By Hai Nam April 7, 2024 (1 week ago)
Name Ala Mobile GP
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher CVi Games
Size 409MB
Latest Version 6.8.1
MOD Unlimited Money, Paid Features Unlocked
Category Racing
Price FREE

Ala Mobile GP is a great Formula racing game that you should not miss. It brings the most professional race tracks with many players. Have you thought about driving your Formula Fold on these tracks? It’s the track in the biggest tournaments watched by millions of spectators. So this is a rare opportunity to showcase your talent. There are dozens of different rounds for you to meet many opponents and make your mark. Moreover, the game also offers dozens of the best Formula racing cars and many customizations. Take the time to design your car before hitting the track.

Download Ala Mobile GP MOD APK – Formula racing in real tournaments

How is Formula racing different from car racing? Ala Mobile GP will help you find the answer to this problem. If you own a car, you can drive and race it on every track. But if you get a Formula Fold, you need a professional F1 race to enjoy it. And you will find the real F1 league in this game. It has many different modes and many realistic racing tracks. Moreover, everything is simulated realistically on high-level graphics. So this game promises to give a great racing experience.


Explore several modes available

Currently, the game has 3 different main modes with their own rules. Specifically, it is:

Championship e: This is the largest F1 tournament on a global scale. You will race in many parts of the world across 15 different laps. If you can complete all the rounds, you will become the world champion.

Race Weekend e: There are dozens of weekly missions that you can explore. The game also allows you to choose your favorite track and complete a fun training session.

Time Attack e: It is the place to challenge your speed. Within a certain amount of time, you must complete the available racetrack. The tracks will get longer and longer as the level progresses. In other words, you have to constantly push past your own speed limits.


Enjoy realistic driving mechanics

After choosing your favorite mode, you will immediately join the race. After 5 light signals, your car will start and have to compete with many other AI racers. Your job is to control the car to overcome the opponents. Your only goal is to finish in the top 1 position. Each race will consist of many “laps”, usually 3 laps. So to reach your goal you have to race well on the whole track. Also, there are no speed or collision limits. You can drive at top speed and don’t mind any collision to gain the advantage.

So how to control your Formula car in Ala Mobile GP ? You just use the screen tilt sensor in combination with the accelerator, brake, and nitro. You need to know when to accelerate and when to brake depending on the race situation. Usually, the hardest stages are on the bends. You need to tilt the screen properly, combined with the brakes just enough to safely go through these sections. This is also a time that you can take advantage of to overcome other opponents. Don’t be afraid to take a moderate push to win the lane or even knock your opponent out. Very realistic simulated crash and damage effects on your track.


Unlock and upgrade your car

So far, this game has more than 20 Formula Fold cars in the store. They are designed with distinct shapes, patterns, colors, and motives. However, you can customize them with a variety of options. For example, you can change the body paint color, and add decals, stickers, patterns, drawings, and more. In particular, the game allows you to upgrade the car by replacing accessories such as wheels, tires, front nose, and rear nose and adjusting the height of the chassis. Thanks to that, you will improve the vehicle’s stats yourself to gain an advantage. You can even choose a certain racer.


3D graphics, realistic engine sounds

The track in this game is very realistically simulated with high-end graphics. It gives you a racing feeling that can’t be more realistic when sitting in a Formula and driving it in the third person. The scene of the track changes dynamically according to the wheel movement. Thanks to that, you will have the opportunity to explore many of the most beautiful race tracks. Besides, racing cars with flashy appearance will make you fall in love. Each car also has a powerful engine sound. You will enjoy it during the race.

MOD APK Feature of Ala Mobile GP

  • Lots of Money
  • Paid Features Unlocked

So if you are a fan of Formula racing, don’t miss Ala Mobile GP. It offers many professional race tracks to explore and enjoy. Moreover, you will find here dozens of beautiful racing cars. They also make you more excited with vivid engine sounds. Do you want to drive them yourself on the track and compete against many others? Download the game here and do it now.

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