AirAttack 2 1.5.7 MOD Lots of Money APK
AirAttack 2 MOD APK 1.5.7

AirAttack 2 1.5.7 MOD Lots of Money APK

By Hai Nam April 7, 2024 (2 weeks ago)
Name AirAttack 2
Requires Android 4.3
Publisher Colya
Size 145MB
Latest Version 1.5.7
MOD Unlimited Money
Category Action
Price FREE

AirAttack 2 opens fierce battles in the context of the second world war. Follow the third and first-person shooter gameplay. You will become a unit of soldiers who can control the plane. The mission is to engage in aerial combat against enemy forces. Aim to bombard and destroy all enemies to be able to complete the mission. This is a game in the action category of the developer Colya. Graphic design in classic style with modern elements. Here you represent a nation tasked with fighting the great powers. Therefore, you will have to constantly improve your skills and improve your combat experience. Aim to destroy all enemies to be able to complete the assigned mission.

Download AirAttack 2 MOD APK – Control Aircraft Against Military Powers

There is no support from teammates or allies during aerial combat. You will have to fight alone against the air units of the great powers. Simultaneously attack the enemy’s ground defenses to survive. Rely on an intuitively designed control mechanism. Brings simplicity to use so that you can focus on combat. Accordingly, you only need to touch and rotate to navigate the plane to move. Chase the enemy air force or dodge their attacks. In addition, the fire system of the aircraft you control will automatically attack. Non-stop firing with an unlimited number of bullets.AirAttack 2

There are 22 combat missions

The content of the game revolves around air battles. Unlock 22 missions in campaign and survival mode. Challenge yourself as a pilot. Be given control of the plane to fight the armies of the great powers. Accordingly, each mission takes place in fierce fighting in the air. At the same time, it is necessary to perform challenges with specific requirements. After the end of the air battle and victory. Based on the achievements achieved during the task performance. From there will receive a bonus, which is a gold coin with the corresponding amount.Game AirAttack 2

Various tasks to perform

The mission system in the game AirAttack 2 is very diverse. Through the air campaign to be able to perform. For example, destroy enemy aircraft, destroy military vehicles on the ground. Fight their defenses at construction sites. Destroy buildings equipped with anti-aircraft fire. Drop bombs to destroy enemy attacks on the road. There are many other missions that will be opened after each campaign ends. Moreover, the system also gives a specific number of each task. For example, in the first campaign, you will have to destroy 15 buildings and destroy 50 enemy army vehicles. At the same time must shoot down all enemy aircraft and not miss.Ear AirAttack 2

Achievements will be judged by the number of stars

Each campaign will have 3 different tasks to perform. Achievements will be expressed through the number of stars, up to 3 stars can be reached. Accordingly, each star corresponds to a mission. After completing all the challenges in the war can end the campaign with the maximum number of stars. Besides, when completing an air battle, statistics are also displayed. Includes money earned, stars collected, enemies destroyed, and silver ingots. Those parameters will be summed up and evaluated through the number of points.

Fight various enemies

The process of controlling the aircraft to perform combat missions. Face a lot of different units of the military forces of the great powers. In addition to the aircraft equipped with firepower in large numbers. They hovered in the sky on an unknown route. There was also a fierce attack from the underground defense line. Those are cannons and anti-aircraft systems installed on high-rise buildings. Moreover, it is necessary to destroy the enemy’s military vehicles. Examples include tanks, transport vehicles, ambulances, military cargo vehicles, and many more.Download AirAttack 2

Starting AirAttack 2 will be provided with a free plane. Later can unlock more fighters. According to the information provided, the game has all 6 different types of aircraft. For example F40-Corsair, Spitfire, P38-Lightning, and many others. Each aircraft is equipped with a powerful fire system. Has outstanding offensive ability in battles. However, to own a new aircraft will have to use the money to buy. At the same time can be upgraded to enhance the ability. Includes flamethrowers, gunner tails, bombs, lasers, missiles, and ammunition.

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