Agent of Adventure 4.2.1 MOD Lots of Money, Prayer APK
Agent of Adventure MOD APK 4.2.1

Agent of Adventure 4.2.1 MOD Lots of Money, Prayer APK

Written by Hai Nam (2 days ago)
Name Agent of Adventure
Requires Android 5.1
Publisher TownSoftJP
Size 89MB
Latest Version 4.2.1
MOD Unlimited Gold, Prayer
Category Role Playing
Price FREE

Agent of Adventure is an adventure role-playing game with a medieval setting. It is different from other adventure games in the style of gameplay. Instead of playing the role of an adventurer and experiencing the adventure in a first or third-person perspective, this game introduces a sequence of events described through dialogue, small images, and parameters. You will discover these facts for yourself, make choices, and continually expand your exploration. There is no specific character system, no cut scenes, and no eye-catching battle effects. This game will give you a new sense of adventure like never before. It’s simple but engaging and addictive.

Agent of Adventure – Idle adventure on a vertical screen!

“What makes a great adventurer is a historical journey and story.” That’s what makes Agent of Adventure’s original plot. It is about the adventurous journey of adventurers who are always hungry for mysteries and antiques. If you become one of them, you will join the endless journey until death. But death is not something to remember, the best thing about an adventurer is what you leave for the next generation. So your goal in this game is to survive, explore, and adventure as much as you can. What you’re aiming for are mysterious lands and what’s inside them.


Discover mysteries and items

Get ready for an adventure that you will live to the fullest. It’s idle and simpler than you imagine. This game is built with intuitive interactive gameplay instead of traditional role-playing and adventure. What you see on the screen are images, parameters, and dialogue. Through these facts, you can visualize your expedition. You will traverse many lands, uncovering their mysteries, finding resources and equipment, collecting antiques, and enriching your collection to pass on to the next generation. That’s what you need to do in this game. Just swipe and tap on the screen to do it.

For adventure, you click on the “shoe” icon. To discover the mysteries of each land, just read the information below the description picture. Everything is as simple as that. The experience screen also takes place vertically, convenient for you to operate with one hand. But things get more and more new and rich as you level up. You will find new lands, new items, and other things of value to an adventurer. In particular, you will meet other adventurers, inhabitants, and crazy monsters in the cave. Don’t hesitate to reach out to them your way to find hints or score glorious victories in battles.


Upgrade your adventurer

To go very far in Agent of Adventure, you need to upgrade your adventurer. He has important characteristic stats, typically Level, Life Point, Mental Point, Strength, Defense, and more. In particular, you will manage many adventurers at the same time. Each character has parameters with its own values, which determine the strength of the whole expedition group. By upgrading them, you will improve adventure speed. When traveling with a group, you can go far in an exciting adventure here. But manage them properly by building the right rest, adventure, and battle strategy. If an adventurer gets exhausted, he will die. You can recruit new adventurers and have to upgrade them from scratch.


Open up new lands

Over time and level progress, your expedition party can cross many different lands. A vast mysterious medieval world contains many interesting things to keep explorers in the long run. It includes villages, caves, ancient strongholds, jungles, and many other places. In each place, you will find different valuable things. Of course, you will also have to encounter enemies only in history. It could be a giant snake, a dungeon lord, a wild beast… Equip your hero with armor, weapons, and boosters to conquer them all.


Classic and detailed 2D design

Everything in the game is covered in dark colors. But inside it, the images, parameters, and dialogue are described very intuitively and in detail. You can imagine the mysterious medieval world through mysterious black and white pictures. Plus, the lines of dialogue and narration work great to guide you through the chapters of your adventure. Music is gentle, alluring, and mysterious, helping to guide your emotions.

Overall, Agent of Adventure is an adventure game that is both new and classic. Its novelty comes from its idle gameplay and intuitive interactive style. Meanwhile, the black and white images create a classic and mysterious feeling. These make for an exciting adventure experience that you shouldn’t miss. Master your journey by managing and upgrading adventurers.

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