Agent Dash 5.9_1124 MOD Shopping Without Money APK
Agent Dash MOD APK 5.9_1124

Agent Dash 5.9_1124 MOD Shopping Without Money APK

Written by Hai Nam (2 hours ago)
Name Agent Dash
Requires Android 7.0
Publisher Full Fat
Size 78MB
Latest Version 5.9_1124
MOD Free Shopping
Category Arcade
Price FREE

Agent Dash takes you on an endless running journey without knowing where to stop. It belongs to the classic running genre that has caused a fever in the market for a long time. But this game with many new points will make you enjoy it. You will play as agent Dash as you journey against enemies and obstacles on snowy roads, lava, ancient trees, and more. Just swipe across the screen or tilt the phone to get through them all. But the overwhelming challenge will make you unable to turn back. How far will you run? You can choose to become one of the dozens of available characters with unique looks and rich skins. Moreover, you can unlock many fun maps to test many unprecedented challenges at your fingertips.

Introduce about Agent Dash – Run fast and overcome obstacles!

Are you ready to run? This game gives you endless running tracks with well-designed and varied landscapes. Besides, it is built with a complete and fun storyline, which is about the journey of Agent Dash in the fight against the archenemy, Dr. Quantumfinger. He will cross dozens of kilometers full of dangers and challenges. The goal is to go as far as possible to destroy the enemy’s minions and defeat his evil plans. You do this for your Queen and also for rewards and titles. The most explosive and intense rides will take you up the global leaderboards and compete against your friends.


Become the most skillful spy

The first character that you can play is Dash, the main character of this story. He must run fast to keep up with his enemies while overcoming dozens of obstacles along the way. Depending on the map you choose, the obstacles and scenery will be different. You can cross the snowy streets or enter the mysterious ancient tomb or through the streets full of cars. What you have to deal with are unexpected rocks, road signs, lava flows, and more. You need different ways to get through them all, by jumping, sliding, or moving right or left. Just swipe in your direction to do this.

The game’s control mechanism is extremely familiar, so it won’t be anything to stop your journey. Instead, you will see the character’s running speed become faster and faster, causing obstacles to appear more rapidly and making it difficult for you to concentrate. But along the way, you can find useful things to aid your journey. It could be a magnet that attracts all the diamonds, a jet pack that lets you fly instead of running, a cape, and a device that slows down time. Besides, if you pick up the gun, you can shoot to destroy everything on the way. They appear randomly along the way and will give you an advantage for a certain amount of time.


Enjoy many unique maps and skins

There are tons of cool things you can unlock in Agent Dash. It’s a collection of more than 12 unique characters, including Dash, heroes, villains, and even the Queen. Each character has a unique look that will delight you. Moreover, you can unlock skins for each character to see how they transform with super cool outfits. To unlock characters and skins, you need to play hard to accumulate points. Until you get enough points to unlock any character, you can choose to ignore it and wait to get a better character. That depends on your preference.

Besides, there are a series of unique maps that you cannot miss. They are unlocked when you reach a certain level and collect enough bonus points. It can be a map of snow, forest, cave, and city. Each map with stunning and new scenery will make you unable to ignore. Furthermore, the themed maps will feature new obstacles. You will encounter giant ancient trees and ancient catacombs in the forest or lava-filled paths in volcanic caves…


Impressive design, smooth motion

This game will impress you with its unique 3D graphic design. It brings super cool images of spies, heroes, and villains like never before. The background of the running track changes dynamically with each step you take. Moreover, the obstacles and support items are also very diverse, helping you enjoy many new things in every run. Along with that, the vibrant and engaging music will serve as the background for your endless adventure journey.

Get ready to enjoy Agent Dash and what it has to offer. An explosive journey full of obstacles will make you unable to ignore them. How far will you go to record? Your opponent is yourself and other players on the global leaderboard. Make an effort to score points to unlock dozens of impressive skins, characters, and maps. Your every run is always fresh and inspiring.

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