Adorimon 1.0.102 MOD Lots of Money, Free Unlock APK
Adorimon MOD APK 1.0.102

Adorimon 1.0.102 MOD Lots of Money, Free Unlock APK

By Hai Nam April 7, 2024 (1 week ago)
Name Adorimon
Requires Android 5.1
Publisher Ubiplay PTE. LTD.
Size 125MB
Latest Version 1.0.102
MOD Unlimited Money, Free Unlock
Category Strategy
Price FREE

Adorimon is built around animal training. Follow the game’s plot to complete the mission. You are a new member, just joined the guild. There will be research and training of creatures. From there evolve they participate in turn-based battles. Your goal is to train animals with exceptional abilities. With the desire to increase the rank in the guild to be able to be in a high position. A series of different challenges and quests will unfold during the adventure. Have the opportunity to explore unknown mysterious lands. At the same time, you can recruit many different animals, as well as compete with them in the arena. Besides, it is a combination of 3D graphics and sharp image quality.

Download Adorimon MOD APK – Train Animals Through Turn-Based Battles

Enter the game’s story mode for chapter-by-chapter quests. In each chapter, there are many different activities, which are recreated according to the route. Through it, you will have the opportunity to collect emeralds when you reach a certain stage. At the same time will have to fight with other beasts in the arena in 1vs1 gameplay. Depending on the route you take, you will open different missions. Repeat this until you pass all the challenges, and complete the mission in a chapter. From there, the system will unlock a new chapter to continue the journey. With mysteries and new challenges waiting ahead.Download Adorimon

Difficulty increases when reaching the next chapter

Every time come to the next chapter of the story mode. Open up a new route with many things waiting ahead. The difficulty also increases as you face the beasts through the matches. From their attack power to their defense and health. To become a beast trainer and rise to a high position in the guild. It is necessary to defeat many beasts and complete all the challenges in the missions. Besides, based on the story mode will be divided into 3 different levels. Includes normal, hard, and hero.

Rules in each chapter

According to the rules of the game takes place in each chapter. You will train an animal, and engage in battles with enemies. Accordingly, the amount of health will not be restored after the end of a fight. When it comes to the next arena, your beast will keep the amount of health left in the previous battle. This is a huge challenge to be able to complete the mission in one chapter.Game Adorimon

Turn-based gameplay and rewards received

Based on the turn-based gameplay of the Adorimon game. Each match takes place on a 1vs1 mechanism. Your beast and your opponent will attack when it’s your turn. The match lasts until one of the two beasts in the arena is defeated first, as shown by the amount of health depleted. To be able to win and complete the mission, it is necessary to defeat the enemy. The process that takes place can use special skills possessed by the beast. Furthermore, it is possible to choose an attack that deals physical damage or defends against an enemy’s turn.

Based on the number of Turns during the battle, you will receive rewards with the corresponding amount. Includes gold coins with guild emblems, emeralds, and experience points. Each reward will have its own value. For example, experience is accumulated, when meeting the conditions, it will increase to a higher level. Gold coins and emeralds will be used to unlock and upgrade.Tai Adorimon

Over 100 beasts to capture

There are over 100 animals for you to capture and train. Through matches in various chapters. From there, there will be a chance to capture animals with special abilities. Each species is shaped in its own impressive style. At the same time possessing unique fighting skills. Besides, their strength is also shown through the indicators. Includes attack, defense, speed, health, mana and others. To be able to enhance the abilities of the beast you are training. In addition to the war can use gold coins and emeralds to upgrade. As well as inlaying the power stone to become superior.Adorimon

The Adorimon game also has a PvP mode. Open the online arena with other players. Still-based and rules turn-based competition takes place 1vs1. But your opponents are no ordinary beasts. It’s an animal trained by other masters. Based in real time to recreate the match between you and your opponent. Show the strategy and power of the beast you raise. Defeat opponents and win to get attractive rewards. As well as proving yourself to be the best master.

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