Machinika Museum 1.20.153 MOD Unlocked APK
Machinika Museum MOD APK 1.20.153

Machinika Museum 1.20.153 MOD Unlocked APK

By Hai Nam April 6, 2024 (1 week ago)
Name Machinika Museum
Requires Android 7.0
Publisher Plug in Digital
Size 618MB
Latest Version 1.20.153
MOD Unlocked
Category Adventure
Price FREE

Come to Machinika Museum and uncover the mysteries in a whimsical museum. There, you will have the opportunity to interact with items and machines that have never been seen in the world. Those are puzzles for you to decipher, unlock new facts and answer questions about alien civilizations. In dark rooms, what do you find there? An object, a machine, a witness, or strange noises? It’s all part of the big puzzle for you in the museum. Show your keen talent and observation to overcome any mind-bending puzzles. This game is quite easy to play but hard to conquer. How far will you go in this magical puzzle journey?

Download Machinika Museum MOD APK – Logic and intellectual puzzle gameplay

If you are looking for a puzzle game that is both light and addictive, Machinika Museum is just for you. It is a collection of closely linked puzzles on the topic of alien civilizations. Join the game, you will have the opportunity to discover and decode them in your own way. What happens before your eyes seems simple but full of difficulties. The things you can interact with are very strange and can be varied. How much of that is enough to make you curious about this game? Along with the beautiful design is the creepy background music, contributing to the irresistible charm of this puzzle experience.


Explore puzzles

The puzzle system in the game is not arranged in a systematic way. Instead, it brings you into an open space, which is a museum full of strange items. Your task is to find puzzles and solve them yourself, then link the solutions together to discover more. In other words, the game’s puzzle system creates a story of multiple events following one another. The solution to this puzzle will be the basis for you to solve new challenges. After the series of puzzles, you can uncover some of the mysteries in the museum. From there, you will find interesting the story and gameplay.

To solve puzzles, simply tap and swipe across the screen. However, how you touch it is up to you. Everything in the museum is interactive but in different ways. You may have to rotate a watch, assemble parts of a movement, or remove certain parts from your device. Each object has its own way of decoding. But they are linked in a way that you need to find out. For example, after unlocking a box, you find a sequence of numbers. That sequence of numbers can be the input for you to unlock or start another device. Due to the variety and close connection of the puzzles, you always feel like you are following a specific story with increasing levels. The puzzles will get harder and harder as you unlock more and more items.


Unlock new locations

Your puzzle journey in Machinika Museum will lead you to many places in the museum. In each area, you will find new exotic items and continue to unlock new mysteries. The story of the game will revolve around an alien civilization. That’s what makes this museum so fascinating and quaint. The further you go in the puzzle journey, the more ambiguous things become. To know what is the correct direction, you need to stay calm and use your observation to master the situation. Different locations may contain important information for you to find new solutions.

The museum scene is designed in extreme detail from near and far images. In the first-person perspective, you can easily see the items clearly every time you touch them, and you can see the blurry scenes in the distance. Observe carefully to visualize the beauty of the museum. Because the game will not give you an overview and clear view of the whole place. This makes it mysterious and creepy, adding a bit of fun horror to your experience.


Detailed and meticulous design

3D graphics make this game strangely attractive. It vividly and in detail depicts every item in the museum from spheres to equipment, machines, tables, chairs, and more. Besides, the information is also described in detail and can become an important part of the puzzle. Along with such a stunning design, the sound is equally important. The creepy and soothing background music creates a real sense of adventure.

So, do you want to test your mind with puzzles in Machinika Museum ? It will make you enjoy the puzzle gameplay that is somewhat classic but also very new. The interactive puzzles here are linked together, creating a meaningful puzzle series. See how far you can go through challenging puzzles to uncover the story of an alien civilization.

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