A Way To Smash 2.03.8 MOD Unlimited Hints, Remove Ads APK
A Way to Smash: Puzzles and Strategy Destruction MOD APK 2.03.8

A Way To Smash 2.03.8 MOD Unlimited Hints, Remove Ads APK

Written by Hai Nam (19 hours ago)
Name A Way to Smash: Puzzles and Strategy Destruction
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher NoTriple-A Games
Size 50MB
Latest Version 2.03.8
MOD Unlimited Hints, No Ads
Category Action
Price FREE

Received positive reviews from many players around the world. The game A Way To Smash opens interesting levels. This is an action game with a puzzle element. Open up the quest system on many different levels. The content revolves around the battle between the character and the opponents. Based on minimalist puzzle-style gameplay. Your mission is to smash the enemy in turns. Through the experience, the process will enjoy many features. Simple 2D graphics, focusing mainly on action puzzle content. Unique smash feature of characters and opponents. Along with the character system with different fighting styles to role-play. Simple control mechanism to make the task easy.

Introduce about A Way To Smash – Battle Against Opponents in Action Puzzle Style!

Different from other action games on the market. Or fun puzzle gameplay-like games with similar themes. The content of A Way To Smash is built extremely impressively. The shatter-style destruction feature will be recreated during gameplay. Through combat activities of characters and opponents. They are designed to be fragile, as fragile as glass. When performing an attack on an opponent. Or vice versa, the opponent attacks you. The entire body will be completely shattered and fall to the ground. Accompanied by a pleasant sound. Through the reverberation of the broken glass enters the flowing state. This gives every player a sense of enjoyment when participating. To fully enjoy the exciting entertainment moment.A Way To Smash

More than 150 levels, challenging gradually

Based on the mission system provided by A Way To Smash. With a lot of different challenges, taking place at each level. There are more than 150 quests for you to explore. Each mission will correspond to a level of play. Unleash battles in minimalist space. Play as a character in the game to start fighting. The goal is to beat all the opponents to complete the mission on a level. Soon will continue to step into a new challenge. Difficulty increases with each level of play. Will have to fight a larger number of opponents first. Especially their positions are arranged in a complicated way. Causing you to be attacked and lose your life if you move wrong. In addition, is a game that is minimalist about everything. So there will not be any rewards to be received after completion.Tai A Way To Smash

Progression, turn-based gameplay

The gameplay of A Way To Smash builds in turn. In the course of the battle to fight the enemy. You will appear at a pre-arranged location. Likewise, a lot of opponents surrounded them. Each opponent is randomly arranged at different distances. As each turn takes place, you will have to look around. The standing position of each opponent relative to the character. From there move according to a clever strategy to attack each one. Besides, based on your position after each move. The remaining opponents will focus on one direction. If they make a wrong move, they will be attacked by their nearest opponent on their next turn. Means broken into the glass, mission failed. On the contrary, if the attack turns out to be defeated the whole will win.Game A Way To Smash

Choose from 3 characters

Coming to A Way To Smash you can role-play into 3 different characters. Includes Bouncer, Street Fighter, and Cyber ​​Warrior. Each character is designed with an impressive appearance. Owning a fighting style according to its own attack. For example, Bouncer uses a baseball bat. Can attack powerfully with deadly blows. Street Fighter is a martial artist. Perform powerful fist attacks. Finally, the Cyber ​​Warrior possesses a Katana sword. Easily kill enemies with sharp slashes. Overall, each character carries a unique ability of their own. Depending on your playstyle, you can choose to play as your favorite character. Then do the missions to pass the difficult levels.Introduce about A Way To Smash

Through matches in A Way To Smash. You will face many different opponents. The difference between them is not only in appearance. It is also reflected in the weapons equipped. Each opponent encountered will attack with punches. Or use the sword to create slashes. However, that is not so important, because each player in the match has only one life. But when fighting the boss on some levels. You will encounter many difficulties. Because the boss can own up to 3 lives. That means you have to attack 3 times to defeat.

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