456 Survival Challenge 1.0.0 MOD Remove Ads APK
456 Survival Challenge MOD APK 1.0.0

456 Survival Challenge 1.0.0 MOD Remove Ads APK

By Hai Nam April 6, 2024 (2 weeks ago)
Name 456 Survival Challenge
Requires Android 4.4
Size 55MB
Latest Version 1.0.0
Category Action
Price FREE

456 Survival Challenge is a game built based on the idea of ​​the hit movie Squid Games. While it’s not the only game on this theme, it’s one of the best picks. This game includes the same minigames as in the original movie. You will have the opportunity to join them with many other players and must prove your talent to stay alive and towards the ultimate goal of the huge prize. The simple gameplay mechanism and the familiar block design style of the game have somewhat reduced the violence of the minigames. But basically, you will feel the familiarity and fun that the minigames bring, similar to what in the original movie.

Download 456 Survival Challenge MOD APK – Explore the challenges of death

Perhaps there is no need to discuss too much about the hotness of the movie Squid Games from Korea. Instead, let’s talk more about the 456 Survival Challenge and what it does with the ideas taken from this movie. The reason the game is called “456” is that there will be 456 players participating. But only a few of the bravest and most talented go to the final game and get the prize. Besides, the survival element is clearly shown in this game. Because if you fail, you will be shot by the guards and lose your chance to continue. Another interesting point of this game is the division of minigame themes. It features individual games in addition to team challenges. So you have to work for yourself and your allies.


Many popular survival minigames

Most of the challenges in the game are inspired by the folk game but refreshed. Moreover, their rules will be guaranteed to be exactly the same as the original Squid Games movie. Specifically, you will find the following death challenges:

Green light MOD APK – Red light: You and everyone else will start at the starting line. The task of all is to run to the finish line according to the rhythm of the song. When a monstrous doll sings, that is the corresponding time for the green light, which means you can run. On the contrary, when the doll stops singing and turns its head, it is the time of the red light. If you do not stop in time, you will shoot and have to leave the game. But if you procrastinate and time runs out, you will also be eliminated.

Split candy: The game will give each participant a candy with different shapes engraved on it. Your task is to separate the outer candies to create the candy with the complete shape. If you break the candy or don’t split it by the time the timer runs out, you’re out of the game.

Tug of war: While the first two challenges are for individuals, tug of war will be for a team of friends. You can combine with some other players to form a team and must win the other team to win the right to survive.

Cross-jumping: To win this challenge, you need memorization and luck. Before the challenge begins, you will be told where the tempered glass tiles are located on a long bridge. When the challenge takes place, your task is to jump on the tiles. If you jump on the right box with tempered glass, you will be safe to go. Conversely, if you jump into the wrong square, you will fall into the hole. Those who complete the crossing of the bridge and reach the destination safely, that person will have a chance to win overall.


The simple and addictive control

Thanks to the easy-to-access control mechanism, 456 Survival Challenge becomes accessible to every player. Although it has many challenges with different rules, the gameplay is still extremely simple. You just use the joystick to control the character running in the game Green Light MOD APK – Red Light. Or you just touch the screen to split the candy, swipe to pull, and choose the position of the box to jump. No need to learn cumbersome operations, but you still have easy access to all the challenges here. With that, with an intuitive third-person perspective, you can observe everything from the landscape to other players.


Friendly block design style

The game will impress you with the classic blocky graphic style. It feels like being back in the legendary Minecraft experience. The images of the characters and objects in the game look downright adorable. But they are also designed based on the original film. Besides, the song featured in the Green Light MOD APK – Red Light challenge was also inspired by that. So you will have a real immersive feeling when experiencing the crazy challenges here.


So, are you ready to be one of 456 players in the 456 Survival Challenge ? Show your talent, ingenuity, and intelligence to overcome all challenges. Your reward is a huge amount of money after you complete the last challenge. But most of all, the game will make you happy when immersed in the exciting atmosphere of the movie Squid Games right on your phone.

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