3D DrivingGame 4.83 MOD Lots of Money APK
3D DrivingGame MOD APK 4.83

3D DrivingGame 4.83 MOD Lots of Money APK

By Hai Nam April 6, 2024 (1 week ago)
Name 3D DrivingGame
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher J.H. Games
Size 1.07GB
Latest Version 4.83
MOD Unlimited Full Money
Category Simulation
Price FREE

3D DrivingGame by LMHAPKSS is a driving simulation game. Opens up a vast fantasy world, set in the city. Play the role of a driver to perform the task of operating vehicles on the road. Travel through traffic routes to explore unknown areas. From there, you can experience the true feeling of a driver. To increase the appeal for all players after participating in the game. A series of unique features are provided, revolving around driving activities. The map system is recreated based on a vivid 3D platform. With sharp image quality, simulate the environment in different weather conditions. Along with that is a diverse vehicle system designed based on real-life prototypes.

Download 3D DrivingGame MOD APK – Driving Simulator in a Fantasy World

The title 3DDrivingGame simulates an intuitive console interface. First-person and third-person perspectives are provided. You can choose to experience the game while driving. Here you can use the virtual steering wheel of the car model you drive to navigate the vehicle. Combine with the accelerator and brake pedal icons to control travel speed. Therefore, it is necessary to combine flexibly to ensure the trip takes place safely. Besides, the control mechanism will change after moving as a character. At this point, you will use the displayed virtual joystick feature to navigate, as well as interact with objects in the city.3DDrivingGame MOD

Vehicle operating features

3DDrivingGame’s process of operating vehicles in the city. In addition to the operating features mentioned above, there are also other symbols related to the vehicle’s features, including turning on and off lights, handbrake, warning lights, turn signals, and more. Each feature is used for its own activity, depending on the circumstances in which it is performed. For example, when driving in a night environment, you need to turn on the lights to see more clearly. As well as helping other vehicles recognize the presence of the vehicle you are driving. When entering roads with turns, you need to turn on the turn signal first. In some emergency situations, it is necessary to turn on the hazard warning lights.Game 3DDrivingGame MOD

Mission mode

Based on the content of 3DDrivingGame in money-making mission mode. Play the role of a driver to operate vehicles on city roads. Drivers perform different tasks specified by the system. Travel to locations and comply with posted rules. After completing a task, you will receive a reward in the corresponding amount. From there, you can accumulate to unlock many new vehicles when you meet the conditions. Continue to perform the driving activity, and the mission’s difficulty will increase. Makes it take you more time to complete. But along with that, the bonus received also increased more than before.Download 3DDrivingGame MOD

Online mode

Do you want to participate in 3DDrivingGame with many people? Come to the game’s online mode to enjoy exciting gameplay. Requires a network connection to experience online. Accordingly, you can drive with other drivers on the roads. Meet and chat, cooperate with each other to form a group. Then opens a speed competition on the road. Show off your skills as a great racer to overcome other opponents. Reach the finish line at the top and win. Besides, you can drive together on the road and enjoy the authentic feeling of drivers. This will bring an interesting and not boring experience.

Diverse vehicle system

The 3DDrivingGame title offers a diverse vehicle system. Including many different car models designed based on reality. In particular, the vehicle system is also updated with new versions each year. These include sedans, SUVs, off-road, pickup trucks, passenger cars, buses, tractors,… and many more. Each car is designed with an outstanding design, reflected in its paint color, size and shape. Their performance is also evaluated through technical parameters. Including travel speed, engine power, traction, and braking.3DDrivingGame MOD APK

Own your favorite car model in the game 3DDrivingGame. Customizations and upgrades can be made with various components. From there, change the original design and increase the uniqueness, creating a car model with its own style. For example, lights, hood, front bumper, rear bumper, spoiler and more. Thereby, it is possible to change the vehicle’s aerodynamics. Furthermore, the paint color can be changed to many different colors. Depending on your combination, customize according to your wishes to own an outstanding car.

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