32 sec: Traffic Rider 1.15.20 MOD Unlimited Energy APK
32 secs: Traffic Rider MOD APK 1.15.20

32 sec: Traffic Rider 1.15.20 MOD Unlimited Energy APK

By Hai Nam April 12, 2024 (4 days ago)
Name 32 secs: Traffic Rider
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher isTom Games
Size 56MB
Latest Version 1.15.20
MOD Unlimited Energy
Category Racing
Price FREE

32 secs: Traffic Rider opens speed races. Set in a futuristic world. Accordingly, you will control a motor vehicle to participate on urban roads with a lot of traffic. Challenge your driving skills to conquer challenging tracks. Overcome obstacles and compete with racers. Constantly accelerating to move forward. Also, collect valuable items that appear along the way. The goal is to reach the end of the track to finish the race. Based on the achievements achieved in the process of motorcycling. From there will decide whether your task is completed or not. Accordingly, there is also the opportunity to come to new races to continue the journey.

Download 32 secs: Traffic Rider MOD APK – Ready For Future World Motorcycle Races

Get ready for the high speed races taking place on the urban roads of the future. Open up 6 parallel lanes to be able to control moving vehicles. Here you can drive a motorbike to change lanes freely in your own way. Because at each road ahead, there will be other means of traffic. As well as support items that need to be collected. Based on the game mechanics, just touch the left and right arrow keys to change direction. They are displayed as icons to use. Furthermore, nitro can be used through the vase icon. As soon as you touch to activate it, it will help your motorcycle increase its maximum speed.32 secs- Traffic Rider

Quest System

Motorcycle races take place by area in the future city. Each area opens a path of a certain length. At the same time, the system will give specific conditions that need to be fulfilled. Real-time based driving your motorbike on duty. Dodge other vehicles in circulation, and collect valuable items such as gold coins and blocks. At the same time, constantly increase the speed to escape the chase of the police force behind. Try to finish the race as soon as possible. Complete the given challenge to be able to win. From there, you will receive valuable bonuses to use in many trading activities. As well as experience points to level up.Game 32 secs- Traffic Rider

Activities taking place

Follow the real-time gameplay that takes place in each race for 32 secs: Traffic Rider. The driving process has many different challenges to overcome. Besides dodging obstacles and increasing speed to escape from the police. Still have to compete with other motorcyclists. It’s your unstoppable opponent along the way. Accordingly, it is possible to attack by creating a direct collision from the rear. Or actively insert opponents out of lanes to eliminate. However, the opponent also has the same ability, if you are not focused, there will be an accident. To be able to pass them need to improve their motorcycle driving skills. Constantly gaining experience to handle flexible situations.Tai 32 secs- Traffic Rider

Use nitro and accelerate terrain

The process of driving a motorcycle can use nitro to increase the maximum speed. From there overtake the competition, as well as the chase from the police force. But it should be noted that nitro can only be used for a certain period of time. After that, you will need to wait until it recovers before you can continue using it. Besides, it is possible to take advantage of the accelerated road surface in some locations. Precise driving through that will help the vehicle accelerate faster over a short distance.

Diverse motorcycle system

There are different motorcycles offered by the game. They are all designed in a futuristic style. From the styling of the front end, to the tires and more. At the same time, it is also combined with vivid light strips on the vehicle. The performance of each vehicle is evaluated in detail through indicators. Includes speed, control, braking, and power. Moreover, it is possible to upgrade the nitro and the tank capacity to improve performance. Along with improvements through Hack, Radar and Max Data features.Download 32 secs- Traffic Rider

At 32 secs: Traffic Rider has two types of resources, including gold and paper money. Each type is used for different purposes. Paper money of higher value can be used to buy some motor vehicles with outstanding performance. Besides, gold coins are used to upgrade car parts. Thereby improving the indicators so that the car works more effectively than when it was first unlocked. Through the race after completing the task will be received and accumulated.

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